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YouTube Officially rolled out Materialistic Design & Dark Mode

Almost after 2-3 years of introducing materialistic design on Android Lollipop, Youtube has finally redesigned with some features and of course, the main thing is its materialistic design update and also the dark mode.

New Features of YouTube

Youtube has been working on this redesign thing from one year and also experimenting a lot of features. They just want to synchronise the desktop user experience with the mobile experience, as mobile users are increasing exponentially. free cartoons online to watch your favourite cartoons online for free.

Dark Mode, this is the most anticipated thing and it’s been circulated in social media on different ways to enable this dark mode. Finally, they have rolled out the feature to everyone, just click on the account settings and you can see dark theme option in that, click that and just turn it on.

Dark mode Youtube

Infinite scrolling is now enabled and also you can check out the next videos while you pause the playing video on the screen itself. Though this feature is annoying at least for me but will be better if they do some editing on this.

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Left sidebar consists of the search box with light colours and while it looks super cool in dark mode. You can always get back to your old youtube version by selecting get back to classic youtube version in the settings tab.

Though these features aren’t rolled to every user, the roll-out is started and they will spread it out slowly to every user after getting feedback. They haven’t mentioned anything about these features for the mobile version. If you are in love with snap chat, then you must check out the tutorial on how to save snap chat videos.

So, what are you waiting for?

Want to experience all these features?

Just go to this link –>> 

and click on Go to Youtube ( Blue Icon )

You are into the latest youtube with a lot of features, just check it out and share your views in comments about the feature which you liked the most and also any suggestions about that.

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