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YouTube Alternatives – Sites Like YouTube

As we all know youtube is one of the biggest video sharing websites in the world, this is even more popular than the TV. When we think about sharing the video, Youtube is the very first thing which comes to our mind. And yes anyways the youtube policy is very strict, especially the copyright issues. For Instance, youtube will prohibit the users to upload the duplicate, explicit, and even the third party content without the owner’s permission.

6 Best Alternatives to Video Streaming Site like YouTube

But still, youtube is just not the only option where we can find videos or upload the videos we have the best alternatives for the sites like youtube which works similar to the youtube.

YouTube Home Page

Here we go with them


Dailymotion is the 2nd largest video site in the world. The monthly users of this daily motion are around 112 million. This can help you to share your video with a huge number of unique visitors and the aim of this daily motion is to reach millions of people. This website works similar to the youtube.You don’t find any complications here. You just need to register for an account here with provided an email ID and just start uploading. Here the limit of uploading the size of the video is 60 minutes in length and then 4 GB in size with the HD resolution.

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Vimeo is one of the best video sharing websites wherein people can watch the videos and upload the videos. It was started in 2007 October. Vimeo was the very first video sharing site to support the high definition video. This has the High Definition playback. Here all the uploaded HD videos will automatically get converted into 730/30P VP6 flash video. This was started to offer its service with only free accounts, which was limited to 20MB of the disk space weekly.


This is one of the similar websites like the Youtube and the daily motion, but since turned into the short-form video entertainment especially in the categories of movies, video games, sports, music and TV. Metacafe is advertising supported, that is working closely with the brands in the entertainment, the consumer electronics, telecommunications, consumer packed goods, food and beverage and even the automotive sectors as well. According to the ComScore video matrix, it has over 13million unique monthly US viewers and then streams more than 53 million videos in the US every month.

At last, we recommend Youtube video downloader, by using it you can free download videos from YouTube, Dailymotion and Vimeo, and other 100+ video sites.


Flickr is an image and video-hosting website and the web services which was created by ludicorp and then later acquired by the yahoo. It is widely used by the photo researchers and by the bloggers to host the images so that they embed in the blogs and the social media. The Flickr has over 87 million registered members and then more than over 3.5 million new images which are uploaded each day


This is one of the best alternatives to youtube. This works like, here the length of the video doesn’t matter, you can upload any length of the video and then upload them instantly. Veoh is bough up with great social features such as adding the friends, personal messages, forums, groups wherein you can share your videos which can reach a huge number of people out there.

The Internet Archive

The internet archive is the web-based library of all sorts of free content, which includes the books, music, software and the best movies. This internet archive will let the public to upload and download the digital material to its data cluster, but the huge data is collected automatically by its web crawlers. This internet archive has a very good book collections and the media collections. One of the major strength of the internet archive is the video content is a very vast collection of the historical content. It has the best old videos and obscure news reports, tv series and all the movies which are harder to find.

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