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What is ransomware and How to Deal with it

It is a type of a cyberware which has been designed to extort the money from a victim. This is like it will demand a payment in order to undo the changes which the Trojan virus has done to the victims’ computer. These changes are

  • Encrypting the data which has been stored on the victim’s disk and that makes the victim not get access to the information no longer.
  • Blocking the normal access to the victim’s system and all your data can be hacked over.

How does ransomware get into the PC?

Let me tell the most common ways in which the ransomware Trojans have been  installed  to your computer

  • Via phishing emails
  • As a result of visiting the website which contains the malicious program

These can be most common ones once the Trojan is installed it will encrypt the information which is stored in the victims’ computer and even it can block all the running systems in it.


I can also tell that while leaving a ransom message which will demand you the payment of a fee. Where in to decrypt the files and even you get an option of restoring the system. Many at times the ransom messages will come to you when you restart their computer after the hacking which has taken an effect. Check out theXbox 360 Emulator for Computer in which you can play Games.

What are the different Ransomware methods

Everywhere in the world this ransomware I just increasing rapidly and even it has become popular negatively. There are many ways and the different variety of unique methods which is depending upon the regions. I can give you few instances of it

  • Bringing out fake messages about unlicensed applications

In few of the countries, the Trojan has many times claimed to have identified unlicensed software which is more running on the victim’s computer. Then the messages will demand the payments

  • It gives you all the false reasons about the illegal content

In the countries where the software piracy is less common this approach is not successful for the cyber criminal, but instead of that, the ransomware popup notification will appear to pretend to be a form of a law enforcement agency.

Also, it will claim to have the child pornography or other illegal content on the computer and as I said the message will demand you a certain amount of payment.

What is wanna cry cyber attack 

This wanna cry ransomware worm which is highly unusual and unlike anything anyone has ever seen it has ravaged the computers across 150 countries recently which appears to mark a change in the tactics for the hacking outfit Lazarus group researchers from the Symantec.

It is actually associated with the group of the North Korea and the group is credited with the massive hack of the Sony in the year 2014 and that has stolen over $81 million from the Bangladesh central bank and I can say that this is really not a usual thing that can happen.

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About wanna cry

So recently on Friday that is May 12th, 2017 which happened around 11 AM in the morning. I can just tell that this was a ransomware attack of an “unprecedented level” which has started spreading all around the world.

That has actually used a vulnerability in the Windows which has allowed it to infect the specific victim’s PC’s without they performing any action in it.  Nobody can stop this or restrict this immediately.

Till 24th may 2017 that is Wednesday this infection is affected over 200000 victims in more than 150 countries and it has not gone to an end completely it keeps spreading more.

Prevention Of Ransomware

Seriously we all have to take some serious decision to this threat of the ransomware and do something about your data and the documents before it targets your data.

Many people all over the world have suffered a lot from this when all their files have got encrypted.  So let me tell you few things to prevent it before it hits your data

Especially on PC

  • You should not store all important data only on the PC.
  • You have to have all the backups of the data on an external hard drive and even in the cloud dropbox, google drive or etc.
  • But remember one thing the Dropbox, the Google drive, one drive or anything which you have stored your backup the application on your computer should not be turned on by default. You have to only open it once in a day to just sync the data and close them immediately once it is done.
  • The operating system and the software which you will be using should be up to date, including even the latest security updates.
  • For the daily use, you should not use the administrator account on the computer instead of that you can use a guest account with the limited privileges.
  • You should turn off all the macros in the Microsoft office suit- word, excel, power point etc in the browser.
  • You have to remove all the following plugins from my browsers such as the adobe flash, adobe reader, java and the Silverlight. If you absolutely have to use them you will have to set the browser to ask me if you want me to activate all these plugins when needed.
  • You have to adjust your browser security and the privacy settings for the increased protection.
  • Have to remove the outdated plugins and add-ons from your browsers. You have to only keep the one which you will be using daily basis and you will keep them updated to the latest version.
  • You can use an ad-blocker to avoid the threat of the potentially malicious ads.

Speaking about the online behavior

  • You should never open the spam emails or any of the emails from the unknown senders.
  • You should never make an attempt of downloading the attachments from the spam emails or the suspicious emails.
  • Mainly you should never click on the links in the spam emails or any of the suspicious emails.

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