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Watch Cartoons Online For Free

If you are trying to know how to Watch Cartoons Online Free, this article will surely help you & you can get some valid information and you can be benefited by it.According to my knowledge cartoons are universal, I mean to tell everyone like to watch cartoons.

There is nothing to deny that everyone dreams about getting back to their childhood which is impossible to happen. Anyways we cant run away from our daily responsibilities, we do have a lot of things to worry every day, some can be professional and some can be personal.

Watch Cartoons Online For Free

However, there is a way to come out of all your stress by watching cartoons online. Watching cartoons was a crazy thing in our childhood.If you want to relax in evening watching something which makes you feel better? How can we do that?

Nowadays we have no free time to sit in front of the television to watch something specific which we wanted to watch.

Coming to the cartoons the only way to watch cartoons is to browse them on the internet. But the demerit is there are a great number of websites to watch cartoons which are for free and few paid websites too.

As we all know it is time-consuming to find the most suitable cartoon for you but we do have a solution here.

14 Websites to watch Cartoons Online for Free

Now you don’t have to browse on the internet anymore to find the sites to watch cartoon because here I am helping you with few list of top cartoon and animated sites where in you can watch cartoons online without downloading, you can watch them for free.

For instance, here you can watch cartoons like Spongebob, Gravity falls, Bob’s burgers, Naruto, Tom and Jerry, Adventure time. These are just few what I have mentioned, we have much more to look at.So here I am sharing you with few best websites to watch cartoons online, here we go with it.

These are just few what I have mentioned, we have much more to look at, So here I am sharing you with few best websites to watch cartoons online, here we go with it.

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As we all know youtube is really the king of online videos. This is the number one site having thousands of videos having your own requirements. Everyone knows that youtube is the most popular platforms for watching videos. There are millions of people who use youtube everyday.

In this site, you can find any video as well as your favorite cartoons. To watch any cartoon on this youtube, you just have to type the name of the cartoon which you would like to watch in the search box, you will immediately go to the page which you wanted too. And also you will see similar some other cartoons with this similar name which is related to what you have mentioned.

By this youtube, you can download and upload the cartoons. Youtube is the greatest search Engine in the world. You can have a great benefit of this.


This toonjet is another famous website to watch the cartoon videos online and it is for free. In this toonjet, you can watch all the classic cartoon series namely Betty Boop, Popeye, Looney tunes and much more which you can enjoy a lot.

In this you do not need to register, you can watch cartoons videos without any registration. But only if you want to use some other additional options only then you have to sign up to get access for few.

And in toonjet once if you sign up you will be updated with your own profile page where in you can comment on the cartoons which you watch and you can even rate them here.
There are also few features like you will get an option to add your favorite cartoons to your favorite list. So, this can also be a very cool thing for you to watch cartoon videos online.

Cartoons On

This cartoons on are free of charge. This cartoons on are more popularly known for its cartoon Streaming website which is very user-friendly so anyone can easily use this app to watch cartoon videos.

If you want to see cartoons without downloading or exposing your computer to the risk the simple and the best solution for this you can just use this Cartoons On! It’s simply Great!
So coming to the way you use this you can search the animated videos or cartoon videos with the help of the “search bar” or even more simple you can find it by “Studio” in studio you can find Walt Disney, Warner Bros, etc.

In “characters” you can find Tom And Jerry, Micky Mouse, Bugs Bunny etc. In “shows” you can find family guy TV, Ben 10 and much more.

For watching these it does not require registration or you don’t need to sign up for this too, you can just watch your crazy cartoon videos online for free. In this cartoons on the collection of cartoon, videos are updated constantly. So this could be the crazy app for you to watch cartoon videos online.

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Watch Cartoon Online

This is actually one of the top sites for watching animated cartoon videos for free without any problems. This site is greatly structured and the menu is absolutely clear.

This “watch cartoon online” gets you the unique list of cartoon shows, even some of the most popular cartoons that you can choose for watching like shark Tale, the atomic betty, the superhero Squad show, the super friends and much such.

If you are bored or pissed with your own routine you can just choose this watch cartoons online wherein you can relax and enjoy watching these animated cartoon videos.

There is a small demerit of this app that is you get a lot of popup notifications of the ads which might disturb you when you are watching cartoon videos and it is quite irritating to everyone.

Anime Flavor

This Anime flavor is free of cost. The name itself tells that it is the best website to watch the animated videos online.This is structured in the way like all are structured in alphabetic order in the main page. It’s just simple that you just have to tap on the name of a cartoon which you need to watch and just enjoy it.

I can tell you few additional things in this app like you can see a lot more information about the anime and the summary of it. In the top of the site there are some popular episodes and if you are interested in any of them you can just tap on it and go ahead to watch it, even the search bar is available on anime flavor.

Here you don’t need to sign up to watch videos online you can just watch it anytime without signing up.

GO GO Anime

This Go GO anime is free to use. I can tell that this is another remarkable site for watching cartoons online without any cost. The special thing in this is the design of the site which is really awesome and clear.

This works like on the home page you can find the anime series which are released recently and all the popular animated cartoons which will be constantly updated.

The process is if you want to search a cartoon in which you are interested in you to have to just Tap on the “anime List” and all those cartoons are listed in in the alphabetic order here and even there is another simple option where in you can go to search bar and search it.

In this site, all the animes are translated from the English language that is dubbed from the English language on this site.This is a great designed app where in you can enjoy watching cartoons online for free.

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Disney Junior

Frankly telling Disney junior is actually where the magic begins. And yeah that’s the slogan of Disney junior where the magic begins. Especially the Disney junior for adults here is fantastic which you can have a great pleasure to see it. You can enjoy watching all the cartoon videos online without any pay as this app is free of charge.

In this Disney junior the interface is just great and simple. These have cartoons like “Mickey Mouse or maybe Donald” which you can watch and enjoy to the core. You can search all your favorite cartoon and enjoy the animations in the Disney.

It’s just too simple to use it on the homepage there will be small pictures of the cartoon characters where in you can just tap on it to watch the video. It’s really easy to find your desirable series or a cartoon movie.
This Disney junior does have some additional features like
• Games
• Music bar
• Ability to download cartoon apps
• Much more such crazy activities can be done
You can enjoy using the “Disney Junior”


This is popular site among all and it is also a favorite site for all the fans of the cartoons. The interface in nick is completely unique and creative. At times it is funny too. Once you go and check with this website you can have a great fun.

Nick is a cartoon streaming site where it is provided you with limited to Nickelodeon cartoons such like Spongebob, the jimmy Neutron, the blaze, the monster machines, the avatar etc. this does give you some extra services like radio and games in this app. You can try this and have a real fun.

Anime Toon

You can watch cartoons online on this site without paying a single penny.
This has lots of anime series in its database. In this, you can even watch dubbed anime online. Here all cartoons are structured in groups, it is quite interesting like
• Action
• Adventure
• Comedy
• Crime
• Drama
• Family
• Fantasy
• Food
• Horror
You can try all these & you will surely be satisfied. This app is free of cost.

Anime center

These have the best cartoon series, they have the most popular anime series such as naruto Shippuden, one piece, fairy tale and much more.
In this anime center, the interface is just fantastic. The animes are classified into different sections such as
• Action
• Adventure
• Comedy
• Crime
• Drama
• Family
• Fantasy
• Food

Comedy central

In this comedy central you have a great number of collections of all different animated movies and cartoon series. To watch cartoons here you do not need to sign up or download the video, you can just watch online and that sounds really great. The popular series are
• South park
• Futurama
• Ugly Americans
• Drawn together
• Professional therapist
These comedy central cartoons give you the best fun. You don’t have to pay a single rupee for it.

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Hulu is the legal site to watch cartoon shows online. This gives you high-quality videos without any buffering and this is the reason for its popularity. This app is free to use.
There are few demerits for this app, the thing is this is not accessible in all the parts of the world excluding the countries like the UK, US etc..

To overcome this you can take a help of VPN. The PD-proxy premium account is available here. The one who accesses from their mobiles can take the help of droid VPN for that same purpose.

Kiss cartoon/Kiss anime

The kiss cartoon includes cartoon list & also the anime list. Using any of the sites you can browse cartoons by status or by genres. This is provided you with adventure, biography, crime, cars, history, musical, sky-fi. You can choose cartoons according to your preference. To use kiss cartoons you have to register.

Super cartoons

This is one of the best user-friendly sites. In super cartoons you can watch thousands of classic cartoons online for free, in this, you can watch even the old animated Disney and even the looney tunes.

The menu is super clear, you can just browse the cartoon by its character, for instance, tom and jerry, mickey mouse, road runner, pink panther, tweety & much more. This app is free to use, you can enjoy and have a great using this app.


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