Vivid Seats VS StubHub – Comparision between ticketing platform

In this article, we will compare the 2 famous ticket selling platforms vivid seats and StubHub. In recent times people are buying more on online from the plane tickets to concert and sports tickets too.

This secondary ticket market is very big and rapidly growing all the time.Many people are just fed up with the limited slots and even the inflated prices at the main ticket outlets, so to avoid this the entrepreneurs saw another alternative for that.

So now the 2 main contenders in this secondary market are the Vivid Seats and StubHub. So these are the places wherein you can buy all those hard to find tickets or sell tickets which you no longer need it.

But what we need to know is what is the difference between them that is vivid seats and  StubHub and which one can be better for you.

Vivid Seats vs StubHub ( Comparision )

The vivid seats and StubHub both offer the tickets for a lot number of events, it offers tickets from the sports to the concerts, the theaters to the festivals and many such things.

Vivid seats and the StubHub both offer you seats in many places and both of them are around for 15 years and offers you which the other websites do not offer so much.

Vivid Seats vs StubHub Comparision

So let me discuss them one by one and know which one can be a better platform for tickets.  

Vivid Seats

This vivid seat was launched in the year 2001 and it comes with the very mature websites. This is user-friendly very simple and easy to use. This comes with the very awesome and powerful search function, you can filter the search results by

  • Ticket
  • Region
  • Date
  • Artist

Its availability is actually excellent, as they do sell a huge range of tickets across all the areas of the given venue. This is a one place vivid seats which stand out from the great incredible competition. We have listed out some of the sites to watch cartoons online for free so that you can’t miss out them.

So in this, it will let you access to the prime seats and the cheaper ones. This is based on the variability factors like the availability, the venue and then mainly who is selling what….


Anyways as we all know the price of the tickets is a primary concern with any of the ticket vendor and for this reason, the vivid seats stand out for. When compared to the rivals, the vivid seats normally undercuts by a very worthy decent amount.

In the venue, the price which you see may not be the price which you will pay actually, here the price is still below the StubHub in many of the instances.

Vivid Seats Home Page

The ticket resellers who charge you the exact fees might be really hard to pin down. But one unfortunate thing here is you won’t see the total amount until you are at the site’s checkout page.

The Vivid Seats service fees are completely reported to run from the 20% to 40% of the original ticket price or when compared to the original ticket price. And this is where the site is making all its money out there.

If at all there is an additional fee for some shipping or any traveling charges that might be can be only up to $25 or even as a little as $7.

It does have many of the comments on the Vivid Seats and on the independent feedback sites providing their best services.

They very well take care of the customers with provided services like making a courtesy call informing the ticket holders of the venue or the time changes and the guarantees in the case of the fake tickets.

Is Vivid Seats Legit/reliable?

Yes, Vivid seats are 100% reliable & legit. They do have a million dollar business & does sell millions of tickets every year. These both can be a pretty invaluable thing. So far we came across the Vivid seats and now let’s have a look at the StubHub.


The StubHub is actually owned by the e-bay and it was launched in the year 2000. This comes with the cool websites with all the bells and the whistles you would expect from one of the best top business.

Like the eBay, the StubHub which ignores the design in the favor of the data, and that makes the website doesn’t look like appealing as the vivid seats, this is very simple to find out for what you are looking.

Filtering by the dates can also help you to use it for more places and much of the devices too.For some years the StubHub had experimented with the “All in pricing” where they actually showed their fee up in the front instead of keeping them at end of the transactions.

Well you may feel this is cool but once you check out with the higher initial prices you will just be stunned, so this StubHub will not show you its fees only once you are ready to buy and finish up your decision for buying the ticket.

StubHub Home Page

The prices of the StubHub are very high than the Vivid seats at least on an average. This total fees can almost range you around 20% to 50% of the original price. If you are interested in snap chat then check out snap save which will help you to save images, videos & stories.

So coming to the customer service this comes with a decent customer service but I can tell you that this is no way highly recommended as the vivid seats

And now both the Vivid seats and the StubHub get you the important things. They both will offer you the huge range of the genuine tickets at very worthy decent prices. They both do have a very good website wherein you can find very easily what you are looking for and little quick too.

Is StubHub reliable?

StubHub is more reliable than any other ticketing platform out there. They also run a program called Fan protect where they promise that every order is 100% guaranteed.

Those both are the apps for finding the tickets which can be a cool advantage for you. So both of these vendors are providing you good services and those both also will guarantee you against the fake tickets.


But now coming to a major conclusion of which is a better platform for buying the tickets, when we compare with little things or the factors which we can consider is

  • Price
  • Website maturity
  • Customer services
  • The transactions

Taking these factors in our view the “VIVID SEATS” can be a better platform when compared to the StubHub.

But still, as we discussed all above there are just slight changes between these 2 that are the Vivid Seats and the StubHub. Where in I can say both can be a better one for you. 

If you aren’t satisfied with both vivid seats & StubHub then SeatGeek is the best one for you.

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