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Free video editing software for youtube

If you are trying to know much about the free video editing software for YouTube, then yes this is the right place to know much about it.

So, here are the huge number of video editing software’s for youtube available for you in the market.

In recent times the apps are packed with great features in it and gets you what exactly you need.

Why do we need video editing software for Youtube?

Perhaps all are needs are very simple and basic things we try to do that is like

  • You want to cut out the unwanted sections in a video clip which you don’t want to watch.
  • If you want to merge few videos which you like of the same category and put them all in a single video clip.
  • If you want to add some of the additional transitions like the extra sound effects, special effects applying to the video.
  • Accessing the chroma-keying to replace the background or anything such which makes the video clip much more interesting.

I have mentioned you some of the reasons for wanting the best video editor apps for youtube.

5 Best Free Video Editing Software For YouTube

So as I told you there are many video editor software available on the internet but all we need to know is the best software which we will be helpful for our own needs. All software have their own distinct features, merits and demerits.

Free Video Editing Software For youtube

Here I suggest you with some best video editing software for youtube which can be benefited from you.

Filmora Video Editor (mac and windows)

This filmora video editor comes with the so many amazing effects which help you to personalize your video while you edit.

They have the intro/credit which you can use and enjoy multiple of templates and also the transitions to come up with the continuous exchange from one scene to another scene. It has such a great sound effects and too many crazy filters. Check out the guide if you are looking for some of the websites to trace mobile number in usa with name, location & address etc.

All you select and do completely depends on you, you must decide the best feature and use it to your video.The major happiness is this flimora video editor supports almost all the file formats and the best thing is it can guarantee a very high quality to the edited video and that sound’s really great.

I would like to share you with some best features of this Flimora video editor

  • One of the best features of this is the video color correction which gives you great access for the adjustment of the brightness, the saturation and the contrast which is really such a cool thing.
  •  And coming to the next feature that is the green screen which helps to replace the background and make it possible to look original.
  • The scene detection which lets you know the changes that have happened on the screen so that you can be aware of it and help you to edit better.
  •  The crazy feature in this is it provides you the face of which offers you the fun faces for making a video funny.
  •  The PIP effects make it possible to overlay more than video together.
  •  And finally, this fully supports the MAC OSX 10.11, the former ones and even the windows.

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iMovie (Mac)

This is Specially for Mac users. If you are looking for the best software program for mac then this is for you. This can be the best choice for you to choose.

This lets you a very easy importing of the videos as well as the editing in the terms of adding the effects, inserting the titles, and even adding the soundtracks. This is very user-friendly. Just a simple drag and drop will let you add the files to the program.

I would like to share you with some of the cool features of it.

  •  Mainly this program is very easy to use, it is very user-friendly.
  •  This has a very friendly interface wherein it lets you sharing videos online.
  •  It comes with the cool standout features.

This does have few demerits too

  •  The biggest cons of this iMovie are the inability to import the files in the Mp4 format and that’s surely a disadvantage to be in the video editing software.
  •  It’s not easily available for you because the price of this iMovie is ranging from around $12.99.

Windows Movie Maker (windows)

The word Windows itself can you tell you it is by Microsoft. So this is a freeware software program for the video editing and this is designed by the Microsoft. So it works like you can edit, create, and also publish your videos using this program on the popular online websites like the YouTube and Facebook. Slow motion video recording apps for android will help you in your quest for slow motion videos.

And these things will help your overall editing experience. This does have a lot of transitions, the effects and even the titles to help and customize video.

So here we go with some of the pros of the windows video maker

  • The very first merit of using this software program are the availability for free.
  •  This is also very cool for the beginners to learn, it’s easy to grab things here.
  •  This gives you a variety of the editing tools and the functions and even the perfect

So there are also some of the cons of Windows video editor.

  • If you choose to use this program then you have expected the limited features in this as it comes for free.
  • This can be that great for the advanced users.
  • This windows video editor is highly prone to crashing down so I can say that it is not reliable enough.

YouTube video editor (windows and Mac)

This is mainly for a very smooth and an easy customizing of all the video files through many unique specialized tools and even cool effects.

But the thing you have to choose a correct one and use the good combination of all those which will be better for your video editing. This Youtube video editor will also help you in trimming down the size of videos.

I would like to share you few merits of this youtube video editor

  • This is very user-friendly which you can learn using this very easily without any complications.
  • This works really at a great speed and also it is available for free and also lets you add the music and videos which are really cool.

I would like to tell you few demerits of this too

  • As we know this completely available for free so you will have the limited features in it and you may not get access to better features at times.
  • You can enjoy and get access only to the basic features but not the upgraded features.

LightWorks (windows and Mac)

These light Works is one of the professional editors which you can use to work on your youtube files. This is non-linear and does have support to the resolutions which are amounting to almost around 4,000.

This works great with videos on both HD and the SD formats. If you have your own video which has to be edited then light works will be really a very good choice at any of the given time.

So the advantages of this light works are

  • Its ability to customize this biggest feature and a great advantage using this video editing software.
  •  It supports for the professional video editing in different platforms as you need.
  •  The paid version and the free version both are available with the great professional features.

The disadvantages of this software are

  • This lacks in FireWire support to the Linux.
  •  This pro version has some changes in the pricing and does not provide you with any help with the basic hints all alone.

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