Wednesday, 15 Aug 2018

Turtle Rover – World’s First Earth Rover

What is a Turtle Rover?

The Turtle Rover is the world’s first remote controlled mobile robot which is capable enough of working in the rough terrain and which can be available for everyone.

The turtle rover is the RC-robot which will let you mount over any of the equipment on also recording in tough places like the mountains, caves, ruins, water reservoirs and many such irrelevant places which are really tough.

Turtle Rover Kickstarter

The turtle rover offers you the freedom to add up the extensions for the specific usages. It is been provided with the amazing capability which can act as the best in the mounting surface with the help of the open electronics based on the Raspberry Pi and an open source code.

The casing of the rover is completely watertight and that is because of the robotic arm, this makes the rover being capable of driving in any kind of tough places and even very best on the water surface and underwater, no matter what’s the climatic condition is the rover can give you the best out of it.

Best features of the Turtle Rover

The turtle rover is been provided with the robotic arm.

It is been designed with the incredible gripper with it.

The whole case is water proof.

Flexible in any kind of surface and climatic conditions.

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The turtle rover is been offered with Full HD camera live stream.

The Wi-Fi ranges can connect up to 200m/220yd and that’s fantastic.

The product has been designed with the NASA- inspired suspension.

It is capable enough to drive up to 4 hours continuously.

The rover is given open source hardware and software.

Provided with the watertight sturdy design.

What are the ways that you can upgrade the turtle to your own benefits?

  • You can convert the Turtle into a Land Drone, that is you can Add GoPro or DSLR camera and recording or snap using the remote control.
  • We can explore the bunkers and the Tunnels, with that additionally you can add up the external light, connect it with any of the 360 cameras and the lidar to map the environment.
  • For the Airsoft, we can use as a support in MilSim, and then the benefit is you can use it to transport the equipment.
  • You can make the turtle follow you, you have the Kinect to detect the people around it.
  • Use the turtle as a development platform by adding up all the custom electronics and even add up your own modules.
  • You can customize and then modify the software in order to fit your needs.

What is the Turtle app all about?

Turtle app is a Wi-fi based app, it’s all about you can drive it anywhere you want and get back what you find out there, record the live videos and snap the pictures.

So with this turtle app, it has a very long range of capabilities, you don’t have to go behind the turtle.

As I mentioned above the rover Streams a live HD camera view and even if it is out of your sight you don’t have to worry as you will getting live updates on your app.

The turtle app is flexible enough to work on any device which has the access to the web browser.

Best features of the Turtle App

  • The Rover Status
  • Live record and snap.
  • The touch screen ready
  • Amazing live HD view
  • You have an emergency stop button in case of any complications.
  • It can work great with all the devices.


Turtle Rover Pricing

Check out the Kickstarter page for more info — Turtle Rover Kickstarter

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