TriLens – The new way of changing your lenses

What is a Trilens?

TriLens is a product which is bought up to eliminate the frustration of changing the lenses. The Trilens is a holder which will safely carry up to 3 of your favorite lenses and then change your glass has never been faster.  

It is a lens holder which makes a photographer work much comfortable and easier. I’m sure this can be the best thing for all the photographers out there.

It is always irritating to miss the best moments, with the huge camera bags and then fiddling with the lens caps.

How is this Trilens helping you out?

Most of us have a great collection of having different unique lenses of your own choice depending upon your purpose.

TriLens Lens Holder

That’s really great, but the problem what we are facing now is that in the high time we can’t even make some time to change our lenses as we have to fiddle around with the lens caps and the bulky camera bags with us which we carry.

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In order to help the flow of the photographers the product has been designed in such a way that it can remove the need for many camera bodies, assistance with you to help and then the huge camera bags, instead of all these you can have this “Trilens” with you, it can replace the other burdens which you face.

How are we going to use this Trilens?

This is a product which is completely self-adjusting and stable. May be it is Teles, normals, primes whatever is your lens combination, what happens with this product is that the center of gravity will automatically adjust itself to be on a lower side.

So in this product, the auto-friction mechanism will manage the Tri lens to be constant and stable when you are moving around faster it will help you to automatically adjust.

How exactly to wear the Trilens?

You can attach to your belt on your hip. You will be provided with the Beltclip which is curved in order to fit your body comfortably.

It offers you the wide base as the weight of the camera lens will be distributed equally over your hip so you don’t feel any burden of holding something or having something heavy in your hand.

This eventually acts as your assistant and you can shoot the best things all day without any discomfort happening. It is really easy to remove it as well in times if you want to take a break, it’s highly comfortable to wear it as well as remove it when ever you want to.

Quality of Trilens

Quality always matters. The tri lens is designed and manufactured in Sweden, it has been designed with the strong quality steel and the fiber reinforced nylon which is the best in the quality.

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Trilens is weather resistant so you don’t need to worry about any climatic condition when you are out for a photography.

Check out the Kickstarter page for more info & pricing here –>> Tri Lens Kick starter


Trilens is the best product for the photographer and the videographer. It offers you a step closer to perfection in what you shoot. It’s available for Nikon, Canon & Sony.

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