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Top 5 Free Music Downloader For Android

People tend to relate to music according to their mood and these apps certainly help people download what music suits best for a situation and better their mood at a quick pace. Here is a list of Top 5 Free Music Downloader For Android.

Top 5 Free Music Downloader For Android

Top 5 Free Music Downloader For Android

Mix match with Musixmatch

The best application that people usually prefer to be pre-installed on phones. What does it stand out for? It’s amazing feature wherein there is diverse music and synced lyrics aka ‘Floating lyrics’ to sing along and enjoy the beats.

This application lets users enjoy the kind of Free music on YouTube and a pertaining feature is if a user is looking for his track he can just type the lyrics and get the song if he lacks the knowledge of the songs name. How friendlier can it get?

Considering the technical aspect of this app ‘identify lyrics’ is another important feature, one tap away to guess the song you were looking for. As we search with the lyrics what the app terms itself is ‘magically appearing songs’.

A mother exciting feature of this app is the projection or casting the music to any other device such as a Sony Bravia Android TV and enjoying the same music with a hype. And it a Free Music Downloader.

Fuse music with Fusion Player

Fusion Music is a Free Music Downloader, is allay form where discovery is based on Albums and Artists. The key feature in this app is the easy access to online music and immediate response to its lyrics.

The design is very elegant and mildly flashy. The intuitive search option enables one to look out for tracks and songs simultaneously.

The ‘Shake and Wave Gesture’ is available, wherein the user can simply give a flick to his phone and the record automatically switches to the other song, it reduces the users time to visit the app to change the track and benefits them.

Equalizer is another essential feature, the song played can be regulated and heard at a different pace. The song visualization and the multiple effects that tag along are admirable.

Sound Cloud Music and Audio

The tagline is “Hear the world’s sound”.

This app sets the trending music like nothing else. The varieties and the variations grab the eye of a user. Starting off with a simple lock screen key functions to personalizing our listening experience, this cloud has stirred it all.

Sound Cloud is certainly that application that has the power to share audio. The good old days are gone where the use of Real Player or Windows Media Player is essential.

The app enables one to create playlists, workouts and sets the current mood.

The app looks extremely simple, and the search engine domain is incredibly huge that has the hip-hop, rap, electronic, deep house, love, chill, party, dubstep, reggae, country, remix, techno, workout, house and one and one does it go into the sky. A user can usually explore the tracks, and it appears on ‘Recent Stations’ for better access.

4Shared Music

The name surely is very cool and eye catchy. A plus being the minimal number of advertisements in this app. It is very easy to use and doesn’t damage the accuracy of one’s phone.

The 15GB available space for your music makes the user keen to use the app as he can listen to downloaded tracks offline. Like any other music Downloader app, this also downloads tracks and stores it in the playlists for future reference.

Why is it mostly talked about? The name is fascinating and people have loved the speed and how well the app is frequently updated according to the World Music Market.

Saavan heard and seen!

The most famous and top rated music Downloader of all time in such a short span of time. Having TV commercials and promoting it has improvised the app on various levels.

Why has it gained popularity? Is it the excess of features or simply the music it allows people to download? Well, Saavn is beyond simply music and features, it is the world of entertaining music that continually plays.

Best feature is the no advertisement policy and the 320Kbps high-quality audio downloads which are ‘Unlimited, accessible and demanded anywhere.’ The top charts, favorite Mood and Genre, help a user to listen to tracks, and Saavn does the rest.


Let’s have a look at its multilingual effect on music, there are Hindi, Telugu, Punjabi, English, Tamil, Marathi, Bengali, Kannada, Gujarati, Malayalam and Bhojpuri. The whole of Indian languages in this application that also includes Bhangra, Bhajans, Ghazals, Pop and Remixes.

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