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Best Music Players for Android – Top 5

Rising for a fresh morning with soothing music or heading home in the evening with catchy songs, it is the way a person wishes the music to tag along throughout. These Android devices grant you the  Top 5 Best Music Players For Android who are friendly in access.

5 Best Music Players for Android

Here is the list of Top 5 Best Music Players For Android

top 5 Music Players for Android

Equalizer Music Drug

Sub categories – Songs, Playlists, Artists, albums, folders, videos and touch to choose music.

A unique feature of this app being the feature to fix the sound quality as per your wish. It is range varies from ‘Classical’ to ‘Heavy Metal’ finally reaching ‘Hip Hop. When users download applications, they always would be attracted if the app gave them the lively, intense feeling as they tap on it.

Equalizer certainly satisfies a person as its visualization is very pretty to the eyes. Person as he starts playing music the fluctuating colored bars swinging with the music beats makes the app more admirable.

Old School is at the present trending, and people prefer the use of vintage design, a typical music player set with tabs to regulate the sound and frequency. Vintage design is winning over flashy and normal designs. The tracks in your list sync with the music and the player can enjoy it at his pace by fixing the audio quality.

One of the drawbacks for this app being the significant amount of advertisements that pop up.

Google Play Music

Sub Categories – Listen Now, My Library consisting of Genres, Artists, Albums, Songs and lastly Playlists.

Google Play music is known to have a smooth connection with the users. Frequent updates for the app makes this one a better android application to download and progressively use.

Google Play Music’s most first term ‘Listen Now’ is a better option for a person as he can directly type the song he wishes to listen and get the song or the album it belongs to rather than going through the song list to get to the end. Not very bright in features, yet the most preferred and rated app amongst the users.

‘The Official Music Player of Google’ is what it is otherwise termed facilitates the music you upload to be streamed in from anywhere.

A drawback that draws a line is the online music which is more preferred compared to the offline songs.

JetAudio Music Player

Tons and tons of features are the in the description for this app. Kicking off from the kinds of music files it can play for example – mp3,m4a, PC etc. to the embedded audio effects like X-Bass, Reverb, and so forth.

A slight mixture of 32 Equalizer provides an array of listening experience. It allows 10-20 brands Graphic Equalizer and other excellent playback functions comprising playback, crossfading, AGC and much more. It is an absolute stand out feature being the Sound Effects Plug-ins and crystallizer. I can say this is one of the Best Music Player.

 Amplify the PowerAmp

The users have named this app to be the coolest in the Android store. Why is it so famously accepted? The features are extraordinary. The Equalizer in the application helps regulate and pre-amplify the song. The bass, treble and the tone can be set as per what we per say. The preset has many options that have other sound quality like Classical, Flat, Dance and Rock, etc.

PlayerPro Player

This Best Music Player is worldly known for the superb navigation features. The user is allowed to edit lyrics and cut edge technology at his convenience.

color dominated by green and gray makes it a very peaceful app with no much showy patterns or design to make it crumpled to the eye.

The new addition to this app being the Equalizer effect that can be switched off and put to function as we wish.

Updates often pop up to keep it growing with the new versions of Android. It provided for a voice search support, and the ‘Shake it’ version is successful, the user can flicker his phone to change it to the next song on the list. The most favorites can be added to a separate menu that certainly does a term as ‘Favourites’.


To finally wrap it up, the Top 5 Best Music Player For Android have proven their worth compared to any other software‘s and their advanced usage of built-in Equalizer and free plug-ins has attracted delightful customers.

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