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Top 10+ VPN for Android

A Virtual Private Network is a network that uses the internet to transfer information using secure methods. VPN enables the users to receive and send data across shared or public network, as it reacts computing devices were directly connected to the private network and then benefiting the functions of private networks security and policies. In this post, we’re going to talk about some of the best Top 10 VPN for Android.

VPN is similar to a WAN as it can be either remote – access that is connecting a computer to a network or site – to – site that is connecting between two networks as VPN technology is also used by individual internet users to secure the wireless transactions, censorship and to connect alternative servers for the purpose of protecting personal identity and the location.

The Justification for using a VPN instead of a private network as it ensures the appropriate level of security to the connected systems where it underlay the network infrastructure that alone cannot be provided.
When the public users are dazed to learn about the mass government surveillance on internet gadgets, laptops, and Smartphone by then VPN offers the best solution for the simple and complex as your privacy. As it secures from Service Speed Software Quality, Customer Service Responsiveness & Effectiveness, Amount of Servers & IP Addresses and Pricing.

A VPN move towards long way by realising the latter with some extra perks requires that are added for the good preventive measures.

Here are the best suggestion for protection and to secure the information from the connected networks. The best VPN apps have been listed below for the users to protect and secure the privacy.

Best 10 VPN for Android

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Hola Free VPN

Hola Free VPN allows you to access previously blocked websites, apps, and content. Hola Free helps you to get high-speed internet connectivity and keep your activities safe, secure and private.
Hola Free VPN is free and VPN app allows you to unblock applications and websites from all around the world, mask your IP address to browse the web privately and secretly. Hola Free VPN is the best app that is completely free, where you can switch to other countries with ease mode. It is a best VPN App for Android app.

Hotspot Shield VPN Proxy, WiFi

Hotspot Shield VPN Android app offers free WiFi security, the internet & online privacy, where it enables you to access the blocked content and apps such as Facebook, BBC, Netflix, YouTube, and Skype.
Hotspot Shield VPN Proxy, WiFi Android app you can easily access media, video and messaging apps from around the globe, even those which are blocked in the country, where even you can unblock social networks, keep your mobile activities safe & private. It secures your personal data information and allows you to access the Internet connectivity.

Hideman VPN

Hideman VPN is a solution for privacy and protection through VPN. It connects to VPN by one click with Hideman VPN widget. Hideman VPN can easily hide your IP address and nobody recognises where are you from, even you will be able to protect your internet data with strong 256-bit encryption. So, that it secure the surfing data from any of website which blocked in your area without any limitations.
Hideman VPN helps to protect the privacy and surfing data for an Android device.

Speed VPN

SpeedVPN is a best VPN app that helps you to unblock any website, app or content on your Android smartphone/tablet with one-click to connect, multi locations to select.
Speed VPN is used to unblock geographically restricted websites including Google, Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. Speed VPN also helps to switch the app between multiple locations to connect including France, Canada, and the United States with fast browsing speed. Speed VPN is a free and best app to protect the personal data.

Super VPN

Super VPN is a free VPN app that helps you to protect privacy and keep you safe from 3rd party tracking.
If you are frightened of hacking and tracking your device, then you just have to install and start unblocking geographically restricted websites like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Skype, etc.
Super VPN app has no registration and no rooting is required to take advantage of using this app.

HideNinja VPN

Hideninja VPN for Android encrypts all in and out traffic on your device and gets you WiFi security, privacy protection and access to blocked websites & apps such as YouTube, Facebook, Netflix, BBC, Skype, and Google. Overall it allows you to safeguard the privacy and protect you from hacking.

Touch VPN

Touch VPN helps you to get rid of unblocked websites and about unprotected WiFi hotspots, and takes you away from the worry about your privacy. Now, don’t panic and install touch VPN on your Android smartphone/tablet to enjoy using surfing internet anonymously.
Touch VPN is the best app which allows you to safeguard the personal information and wifi connectivity.

SecureLine VPN

SecureLine is a VPN client that protects you from internet thieves by using a virtual encryption shield tunnel. With IPsec technology to secure your public/open WiFi connections. Once secured, your communications are impossible for any intruder to spy on. SecureLine VPN makes you free from the hacking worries.

HideMyAss VPN

HideMyAss Pro VPN Android app is one of the best proxy + VPN service provider. HideMyAss auth to protect you from hackers who are looking to steal your identity and data snoopers invading your privacy and personal data. Hide MyAss VPN sounds funny but it really helps you to protect from hackers and spy on. Install this app and protect your device from hackers.

Vypr VPN

Vypr VPN is an excellent choice for Android users, the VPN service is run by the internet privacy group, who have been on the cutting edge of web security for a long time. Vypr VPN has their own data centre which additionally premiering their own encryption software chameleon, as it will result in super fast performance.
Encryption is quite beefy at 256-bit OpenVPN, just remember that peer-to-peer file-sharing is not allowed. Also, this information doesn’t apply to the basic plan, which we didn’t review as it only offers the broken PPTP protocol and no firewall.

Vypr VPN serves fast with high-level performance, it also has free cloud storage up to 3 Simultaneous connections. Vypr VPN is paid app application but it has the 3 days free trial pack offer, where the user can experience the application for 3 days trail and can purchase the app.

Express VPN

Express VPN are consistently excellent app that Simply stated and offer a fine Android specific app (maybe they envision Android having a dominant future) with extensive features and 24/7 support and it has speed tests that are consistently above average to great on mobile. Meanwhile, the 30-day money back to guarantee gives you a safety measure.

The Express VPN app has made up with a mobile convenience priority. The user includes a tap-to-connect widget on the home screen to facilitate mobile connectivity. Now a day’s connections are remembered so you can connect to them quicker as opposed to sifting through servers on Smartphone screen. Express VPN has no usage logging, it is dedicated with ‘ Stealth Serves ‘ for china and it has been specialised Android support with super fast speed.


Air VPN over Android is a bit more technical than other services, with no specially made Android client, though the setup guides and configuration files to get started with Open VPN are easy enough to get through once if a bit tedious. Upon the completion of the setup, you will be treated to robust security, a plethora of customizable options along with consistently strong speeds. Then the user can see on account of those features and time to give AirVPN a try.

Air VPN has no logging and accepts the Bitcoin, it supports for Tor over VPN and VPN through SSL / SSH tunnels. It is sin real – time server and user states and also it has a Dynamic Port – Forwarding option.


Mullvad is a growing start-up company with new features though it is a new but it will take some time to add on high features. So DNS leak protections, killswitch, port forwarding are all included. Meanwhile, unlike many competitors, Mullvad has a total no logging policy and no personal info is necessary for signup, with Bitcoin payments a much-appreciated option to preserve anonymity. AirVPN will have to do some manual legwork, but the results should be well worth it.

Mullvad app has no logs but it is good price app which it accepts Bitcoin but it has some severe connection issues sometimes.


IPVanish offers servers in many countries and it is more popular, which has the fast speed to boot. miserably p2p file sharing is not allowed by extension calling into question whether IPVanish keeps usage logs. Meanwhile, there are instances of “cease and desist letters from their service, so be cautious of this.

IPVanish is great as a mobile solution and more tolerable for all users save those looking for the highest levels of anonymity. But IPVanish has no P2P and it is not allowed, IPVanish is uncertain and has no logging policy which is cons feature of this app. IPVanish is the good app for the user to safeguard the privacy.

Conclusion: Best VPN for Android

These are the Best VPN for Android which have been built to prevent and secure the number of recent security fear that have been arisen in the world as it secure from snooping , terrorist attacks , hackers and ransack sensitive data which are highlighted in the practicality of using VPN service for safety conscious , even though it is a paid app but it gives you the security and makes you free from the threats .

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