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Top 10 Anti Malware Tools for Mac

Folks!! If you have a MAC and if it is running slow or annoying you with the pop-ups then that could lead you the problem. For the security and safety wise Anti-Malware tools helps you to keep you MAC safe and prevents from malware, also helps to perform better. Here I would like to present few Anti-Malware tools for Mac so that you can protect your Mac.

Top 10 Anti-Malware Tools for Mac

1. Malware Bytes

This is one such tool that is highly recommended and how does this work is mentioned below:
It removes adware such as Genie, I search, malware, Divx and Trojans. It simplifies the program management and scans quickly. It works as an Anti-adware, Anti-malware, Light footprint and simple interface. It updates itself quickly and thats why it is not too complicated to use and proves to be user friendly. Malware bytes is one of the best anti malware tools for Mac.

2. ClamXav

ClamXav is one of the trusted and also highly recommended Anti- malware which scans MAC OS X that detects both MAC and Windows threats.

It allows the user to scan the entire file hard drive or any specific file that is indicated manually by the user. If the user activates Sentry mode, it scans any new files that arrive to the hard drive. This software helps in keeping itself light and runs silently in the background also, it receives frequent database updates that help to scan the system frequently.

3. Avira

Avira come with the simple and elegant security that takes your less effort to install and use. It repairs the files and folders with just one click for which it is built with a push button for user convience.This tool is most recommended due to its high protection against online threats that even includes Adware, Viruses, Torjans and Spyware. On comparing with several Anti- Malware tools Avira is stands at the top position due to its most effective detection of threats, Viruses and Malwares; due to its User Interface and User Friendly where the user can automatically schedule for your security scan; Also for its reliability and powerful MAC OS X application.

4. BitDefender

BitDefender is commonly known as Absolute Protection that is designed for Mac. BitDefender continuously monitors the changes in your system without the users concern and looks after the system against Viruses, threats, malware.

It is designed to be user friendly and once the user turns it on then he/she need not to worry as you wont feel any kind of slowdowns. The other features of BitDefender are: It blocks and removes the annoying adware, It provides no “ stop protection with Bitdefender AutoPilot, Offers fabulous user experience due to its beautiful User Interface, Scans your Mac with no impact on the performance. It is one of the best anti-malware tools for mac available now.

5. Avast

As the name it indicates that it is something big. Yes! It is, Avast is the highly rated Anti “ Malware.
Once the infected file is detected it will be moved to quarantine zone from where the files can be manually deleted or fixed. One of the important features of this is that it continuously keep scanning the files in order to prevent from threats due to its real time protection. It keeps your system constantly up to date without any slowdowns. Besides Mac infections, it also handles to detect windows- only malwares/ threats. The other Pros of Avast are: It is well known for its clear interface; it stands excellent in track record on windows; free to use; and also scans Apple mail attachment.

6. Norton

Norton is yet another Anti- malware tool help in protecting your important files or folders from threats, viruses or spyware. It is also capable to handle safe web and safe search and blocks fraudulent websites which are just created to steal your personal identities. It also detects and eliminates online threats so that the user can browse safely. The other key features of Norton are: Vulnerability protection, confidential file guard, daily protection update, instant message and email monitoring and its flexilbel support.

7. McAfee

Once McAfee is installed, it protects from torjans, viruses, worms, bots and rootkits. It guards against the cybercriminals that miss uses the users personal informations. McAfee scans each and every file that is downloaded from web apart from other files. It can be configured to automatically blocks the harmful sites and keeps your private information locked when it comes to Social networking. Due to its good performance and users reviews it stands one among top Anti- Malware tools.

8. Kaspersky

Kaspersky delivers premium protection for everything you do on you Mac. It protects your private information and safeguards from dangerous websites. It works with latest version of your OS X. It is considered to be cost effective. The other benefits of this tool such as: It protects your money, this is one of the newest technologies for Mac. It blocks network attacks. Delivers free updates and this is fully compatible with your choice of OS.

9. Panda

Panda Anti- Malware costs $49.95 per year for a single licence. It protects a variety of way to scan such as on demand scanning where you can just click the muse button and begin with your scan which scans all your files, emails, chats etc. the other way is where you can select your specific files or folders that need to be scanned. Alternatively you can choose quick scan where it scans most likely location of the malicious files.

10. Sophos

Unlike other Anti- Malwares Sophos is completely free and puts in the same category of Avast. It comes with the clean interface and with the newer versions of OS X. It provides the user with 3 ways of protection: On demand, On access and On schedule scan.

On-demand protection functions when you just press the push button. In order to perform the scan automatically On schedule scan is used. On-access scan is performed for continuous protection. Sophos even search for Windows malware that is present in your machine. It even gives you the beautiful User experience and best protection for your Mac from all the threats.

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Conclusion :  Anti-Malware Tools for Mac

So that’s it, these are some of the best Anti-Malware tools for Mac that you can use to protect your Mac & MacBook.

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