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How to Speed up & Clean an Android Phone without any App

Nowadays every person loves Android phones but with time, they don’t find them as fascinating as they were before. The reason for this is the poor performance and its slowing speed. To keep the android device work and perform fast, there are very simple and effective steps you need to follow.

There are few apps available in Google Play to boost the speed and performance of your android device but there are some basic things that we always need to take care of to get a nice performance out of our smartphones.

Methods to Speed up & Clean Your Android Device

In this post, we’ll talk about how to speed up and clean your Android device without any app (like clean master or DU speed booster).

How to Speed up & Clean an Android Phone without any App

The first thing to do is to find out what the problem is. Is it an app, multiple apps, or the system itself. Trepn Profiler by Qualcomm will let you know the real-time load of CPU for individual cores, an overview of network traffic for both Wi-Fi and data, RAM usage and GPU loads, and much more.

Trepn can also give system wide or app specific profiles and has various methods for showing accumulated data. You could save your profiled data for viewing it offline and analysis. Once you find out what the problem is with your phone, you can move on to the options given below.

Clear out your app cache

Apps usually store data in the cache and over a period of time it becomes huge and eats up the performance of the system. The caches also keep the precious resources very busy. So, clearing out the app caches can be very useful and helpful.

To clear out the app cache, head over to the Settings on your phone, and go to the individual app and select the clear cache option given. If the phone doesn’t have many apps, then clearing out the cache must not consume much time.

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You could also check for how much space is left by going to the Storage section given in the Settings. The easiest way to free up space is to select Applications and see which apps can be uninstalled.

Go to Storage, select Downloads and choose the files you wish to remove and then select the Bin button. Many of the apps installed to make use of data caches in an attempt to boost up the operations. But, this is useful only up to a point and if your device is running out of space hit Clear cached data and then tap on OK to confirm.

This helps in freeing up some space and the performance of the system must go up, and also make your Android phone a little bit speedy.

Delete or uninstall unused apps and reclaim storage

There are few apps on your phone which are just sitting there without giving any usage. Delete those apps if you think they are not useful for you. But if you think that those apps might be of use in the future, then don’t delete them, just uninstall them. Removing unnecessary apps saves the memory space and other resources on your device.

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Usually, the apps get stored in the internal memory of the system and the photos, videos, documents and the data of the apps get stored in the memory or SD card. So, if there are deletions of the app from the Settings, then there must deletions of the app data from the memory or SD card. This must speed up your Android phone a little bit!

Update the firmware of your phone

The very important thing to do is to update your phone firmware. This fixes lags, bugs, and many different things you might not be aware of. You should keep on updating it for a regular interval of time for boosting up the performance of your device.

Removing shortcuts and widgets

From your home screen, unnecessary and unwanted widgets and shortcuts must be removed. Widgets and shortcuts consume memory, so it is better to remove them if they are not of any use. It will reduce the loading time in your launcher, that means your Android phone will speed up a little bit.

Restricting background data

When the data connection is turned on, a number of processes start pinging and updating. A lot of other activities also start up automatically. They are not always needed and eat up your phone resources, thus slowing down the device.

You could restrict the background data from the Settings for saving your data pack and to keep your device boosted.

Disable unwanted animations and extras

Depending on the launcher your device is using, you may see that there are a variety of animations and special effects. These might look great but they interfere a lot with the performance of the system.

Go to your launcher’s settings and check if there is any way to disable these unwanted extras, and you could earn yourself a good performance. Also, you can do this from the developer settings.

Shut down apps and free up RAM

Multi-tasking many apps makes it easier to toggle between different tools, but there can an impact on the performance of the system. You can quickly shut down any app by calling up the list of running apps. Keep the home key pressed and held and now swipe away any app you wish you exit.

When on this screen, select the pie chart button to the lower right of the screen and then move to the section of the RAM. Tap the button which says Clear memory and any background processes that are unnecessarily running will be shut down.

Restart your phone

Sometimes, a quick and easy fix for a slow performance is to simply restart the phone. This clears out the cache, ends unnecessary tasks from running, and gets the system to run smoothly again. Just keep the power button held, choose the Restart option, and select OK to confirm.

Shut down or reduce auto-sync

Many people end up adding a list of different accounts to the Android devices and permit them to sync automatically in the background to pull in new data. All this syncing has a huge impact on the performance of the system and not to mention the battery life. Go to Settings and find Auto-sync under Accounts and turn it off.

These are the small tricks that you can use to speed up and clean up your Android phone without any apps, follow these simple steps and you can reclaim the lost speed and performance of your Android phone.

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