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Sites like Zillow – Alternatives to Zillow

Zillow is an online real estate company which was founded in 2006. This was stated that it was the media company which will generate the revenue by selling the advertising on its website. It has the data on 110 million home across the united states. It is just not all homes but the homes which are on sale.

Zillow offers several features which include the value changes of each home in a given time frame, the aerial views of the houses, all the prices of the comparable homes in the specific area.

6 Best Online Real Estate sites like Zillow

This can access the public data, which can provide you with the basic information on a particular home like square footage and the number of bedrooms and the bathrooms. There are a lot of alternatives sites like Zillow, we have filtered the best among them which can benefit you in a great way.

Zillow - Online Real Estate Site

Here we go with them


Redfin is one of the popular online real estate company which offers you the web-based real estate database and the brokerage services as well. This website is almost a similar one to Zillow where in here the users can search the home with the help of map-based function. Once you start searching the site for the particular city and the pin code, the redfin can display you with the housing data, such as the home value, home appreciation, the square footage. It can benefit you in a great way.

Also check out the similar sites like Grammarly to check Online grammar, Spelling & More. is one of the largest real estate portal by the traffic market share. This does provide the real estate marketing and the media services which include the brand advertising, the property listing, the reputation management and the lead generation. The real estate search in this includes the advanced search filters like the features, price, the property type and the location. It has a great interface and the users can be benefited in a great way.  


This a website which offers the real estate listings and the homes for the sale. This is a website which is slightly similar one to the Zillow. This was different when compared to the brokerage and then to establish itself as the central source of the real estate technology solutions designed to the serve brokers and the agents as well as the home buyers and the sellers. It is a simple and decent real estate website.


Homesnap is one of the popular real estate websites which is provided with the best features of the search criteria as the map based function and then robust amount of the property information. Like the Zillow here the real estate browse function is pretty user-friendly. The mobile app can even provide you with the information about the unlisted homes, apartments, condos, and providing the users with the value of the units.

This is one of the unique real estate online website which is operated by the company move. This website has around 36.7 million unique monthly visitors. The value of this website is around $2.5 billion. But this is the site with the basic features and the interface as this do not have the robust features like the Zillow. It is connected with the MLS with most of the current listings on the market and it can be the cool place to find the home.


Trulia is the online residential real estate site for the home buyers, the sellers, renters and even a great benefit to the real estate professionals which is almost a very similar one to the Zillow. This provides you with a great variety of real estate transaction-related products and the services for all the consumers and the realtors. These are delivered via their website and the mobile apps. Trulia can benefit you in a better way just with the app and the website.

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