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Sites like Yahoo Answers- Alternate Question & Answer sites

The yahoo answers will let you get all the information about nearly any of the topics. It’s like whether if you want to ask the questions about the government, like how exactly the human body works or even you can ask how to fix your car.

This yahoo answers will surely have an answer for you. It works like this site will let anyone ask any question and anyone to answer the question if they have an idea about it. it means like you will be getting unique answers from all types of people.

Best Answering Sites Like Yahoo Answers

There are a lot of best alternative Question & Answer sites like the yahoo answers we have filtered the best among them and listed here

Yahoo Answers

Here we go with them

Ask Jelly

This site is one of the popular communities there online for asking the questions and getting the suitable answers. The Ask jelly is been provided with the very cool interface along with the tons of the unique categories which is available to choose from.

You can ask questions in many different fields like regarding the sports, or if you want to ask the questions about the fruit, maybe the information related to your recharge, you can get all such sorts of information in ask jelly.


This is much of a Yahoo! The answers rival better than Yahoo but Quora has been a great place for the intelligent conversations which have sprouted from just a simple question. This will give the freedom for the users to ask the questions on the site and even in return, the other users can also answer those questions if they have an idea about it or the knowledge about the question which is asked. Also, check out the list of these best Rainmeter skins by which you can customize your desktop appearance.

It works like you just need to select which topic you are interested in and then you will receive all the questions and the queries which are related to the topic, then you can choose the answer as many as you want.


Zip is a mobile phone app wherein you can download this zip for your Android or IOS device. It is one of the fastest growing q&A apps with a huge number of users who have been registered in the zip.

Here it works like the users can ask a question and then the community will vote for an answer. This zip will let you see how others will feel about certain topics or if most of the people lean more towards one answer instead of the another.

Ask Meta filter

This is a very big community of users who will help you to find the answers for what you seek. This comes with a very decent interface which will let you get the answers to your questions for all of the genres.

It can help you even if you are looking for the information about how exactly you need to build a website or even you can find out the information regarding how you need to increase your social skills. It is really worth checking on this website. 

Stack Exchange

This is the top communities online which is very much similar to the yahoo answers. Stack exchange has millions of regular users, this is the largest community available online. This website is open to all the types of questions, this website is much specialized in the webmaster type of questions and can help you a lot regarding this particular thing.

If in case you need an assistance coding a new site or maybe even if you are finding the help with the other tasks, then this stack exchange can be the best one for you.

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