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Sites like Life hacker – Alternative Sites to getting things done

The Lifehacker is the website which stockpiles anything and everything which can make the life much more convenient and pretty easier. If you are looking for the sites like the Lifehacker, then you are at the right place as you can find the alternatives for the Lifehacker which can benefit you in a great way.

Lifehacker initially started as a blog which focuses on software & lifehacks in 2005 launched by Gawker media. It’s available in 4 different country editions UK, Australia, Japan & India.

5 Best Lifehack Sites Like LifeHacker

Here we go with some of the best alternatives to the sites like Lifehacker to get life hacks tips to lead a successful life & boost your professional career. Lifehacker is a reputed site & also named by TIME as one of the ” 25 sites We Can’t Live Without ” in 2005.

5 Best Sites Like Lifehacker

Dumb Little Man – Tips for the Life

This is the website which can share the countless useful tips for the life. This dumb little man has bought up with three major areas of the theme that is

  • Happiness
  • Success
  • Money

And these are the things exactly what we are seeking for the life. And even judging by how the things are written and then cluttered on the website. This can be the best site for the inspiring tips and can make your life even better.


This is the design and the technology blog about anything which that relates the cool new digital stuff and gizmos. Gizmodo is basically the screaming out technology, nowadays we all are surrounded by the technology and getting the insider tips on how you need to cope up with our gizmo world today and that is the path to take it.


This website is the huge collection of the lifehacks, unique tips and the tricks which can help you make your life much easier. This online website contains the post-it note style images of the quick sentences which are describing the life hacks, so here you can very easily get the tips without needing to read a lengthy article.

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Here you can browse the main page, sort life hacks by the category and here even you can check out some videos as well. This website is the quickest way to see as many life hacks as much as possible.


This productivity501 is a blog which is meant to help in order to improve your productivity. Here you can begin by selecting a category such as the technology or the time which you choose to.

In order to narrow your search down to what can help you to the best. Then you can even scroll through various articles check them all and start making yourself much more productive. This life blog is not about the life hacking in the conventional sense, it will offer you many tips and the useful strategies to improve your productivity. If you are facing any trouble with focusing and getting things done you can just give a try with this productivity501.


This is an online blog which will focus much on improving your home and the office organization. If you want the life hacks for staying organized space, and then just keeping your home neat and tidy, so you should surely check out this blog.

Here you can search through more than 57 categories of the life hacks from the closets to the travel to college life to minimalism its really a cool one. This unclutter do have a forum wherein the users can post the questions or even they can share their strategies and the previous experiences. You can surely learn a lot if you browse through it.

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