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Best Sites like Humble Bundle to get Game Bundles for cheaper price

Humble Bundle is actually a very popular name in the world of the games and even the best software which can offer you the bundles of an exciting game. It’s really a great idea to have the best platform for the charity and even along with the mass purchasing. Humble dumble is majorly a digital store for the plenty of video games, where they came out with a unique idea of offering for the charity.

It basically works like the best collections of the games will be sold at the price wherein the price will be determined by the purchaser and then a certain portion of that price will be going towards the charity, the remaining will be divided in between the game developers. Humble Dumble is a top gaming community.

Actually, we don’t have that great number of similar sites like humble dumble, but there are few alternate sites like humble dumble to get cheap game bundles and I have filtered the best among them which can be the best ones for you. Here we go.

Best Alternatives to Humble Dumble

Sites like Humble Bundle

Lazy Guys Bundle

Lazy Guys is the best alternative site like humble dumble. This is one of the interesting sites, they will release a bundle frequently ( Once in a month or 2 months ). The site started in 2013, they have started releasing bundle from Jan 2014 where they released 15 games including pulse shift, bridge it etc for $2.99 where it actually worth $129.99. Once the payment is done, you will receive the keys within 24 hours.

The last bundle was released in Feb 2018 with 8 phenomenal games at $2.79.

Also, check out this sites like G2a where you can get gaming CD keys for a lower price.


Indiegala is one of the great websites which is a similar one to the Humble Dumble. Here in this site, the price which is been offered on the bundle of 10 games is really less and worthy to go for it. this site is also been featured with the single games but their price is comparatively higher than the bundled ones.

Here on this website, you can buy the indie games for the discounts up to 95% and the games which you can find here are pretty amazing which you would love. Indie Gal runs with the unique offers each day wherein that helps you to find out easily the bundles of massive discount prices, here you can even find some which are completely for free.

Cubic Bundle

Cubic Bundle is a fantastic website which will offer you the best games in form of the bundles, singles and some for free as well. But the thing is each of the bundle here is available just for a certain period of time so if you don’t check it every day you may miss some of the best deals. Cubic Bundle is a little similar one to the Humble dumble but it is much more entertaining by offering you one of the best games. Here it works like you need to pay for what you want and that offers you the best discounts on the game bundles.


This is cool website similar one to the Humble Bundle, which has the amazing game bundles for the lesser price. The Bundle star website is completely secure, this website is been offered with each surprise each day. So here in this website also the offers have a specific period of time and it keeps updating and changing each day so you need to check it every day or you may miss some games.

Here it provides you a section of selling the game the game bundles and it is even known for offering a great range of indie games and even the AAA titles. Here the discounts can be up to 99% off, it is really worth to check out this website.

Flying Bundle

Flying Bundle is one of the best alternatives to the humble bundle which offers you the best entertaining bundles of games. The idea of selling the bundle is because it costs really less than the single game and even and even people are more likely to buy it.

This website majorly offers you the digital game bundles to the platform like the desura and steam, so here they will donate some amount of earned money to the various charity platforms. The very best part of the flying bundles is that it often keeps upgrading its interface with the new unique bundles with all the amazing games and the software which you would really love too.


I have listed out the top 5 alternatives to the Humble Bundle to get game bundles for cheap which you would really love. Those are best websites for you to find the bundle games, it is really worth trying out those websites.

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