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Sites like Craigslist – Classified sites Alternatives

This is an online classified and the advertisement provider which will provide you a lot of advertisement in the shape of the job advertisement, for the house sale, house for rent, services required, the services wanted, gigs, all the items for sale and much more.

This is much similar on to the real hard copy of the newspaper which will contain the specific classified section wherein it will provide you the unique types of advertisements and then make the readers get all the advertisement about any of the topics on the central platform.

6 Best Alternative Classified Sites Like Craigslist

It’s completely the same with the craigslist which is the digital platform for getting the free classified and the best advertisement for the desired topics.

Craigslist Home Page

Here we go with some of the best alternatives to sites like craigslist


This is the digital search engine of the millions of local and the international of ads and the classifieds. The major thing which is best about this website is that Yakaz will get itself update on the regular basis and daily thousands of ads and the classifieds are added to the database of the Yakaz. This is mainly the digital marketplace for exploring the classifieds in the categories if the cars, motors, items for sale, and all the services wanted.

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This website is the free classified provider which will permit its users to search and then post the unlimited jobs at its giant classified platform. This is an online market of classified which will offer the users with the system of free access from any part of the world and then sell and trade them online. This online trading is that sense which basically connects the potential buyers and the sellers to each other.


Oodle is one of the popular websites which is been used by millions of people, this is one of the biggest rivals to the craigslist out there. These have a lot of categories such as the Merchandise, Vehicles, Rentals and real estate Jobs, Pets, Tickets, Services, Personals & Community.

Gum Tree

This is the top one classifieds site in the UK and the gum tree is also used extensively by the buyers and the sellers in Australia and the South Africa with the advent of the online shopping, here there’s no reason that you shouldn’t try to advertise your goods internationally. This gum tree is the site which is starting to pick up momentum in the US as well.

Ebay classifieds

This is the site which can offer you the same benefits of the craigslist with the credibility of the eBay brand, these ebay classifieds will provide you the most of the same category in the list, from jobs to selling and renting and it is even much more than over 150000 ads which are been posted each month. The only one thing missing in this site is the personal ads.


This is the similar site like the craigslist, but this may not be that great for the career or the apartment listings, but it will let you for the battering of the goods and services. This is pretty much a swap site wherein you can offer up some of your time or the product and trade for something else which you need.

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