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Sites like Consumer reports – Best Product Review Sites

It is always a complicated task to know which product you need to buy and which is the best one. Luckily there are a huge number of product review sites like the consumer reports which will let you get a better idea of each product. 

Instead of we have our own opinion these best product review sites can help us to place use on right track.

The consumer reports will cover all the types of the product reviews which include the cars, appliances, the gadgets and many such. As we all know this is one of the top consumer sites online, where they have millions of weekly viewers.

6 Best Sites Like Consumer Reports

But still, it is always the best thing to compare with different alternative sources as well. So I have filtered the best alternatives sites like the consumer reports which can benefit you in a great way.

Consumer Reports Product Review Site

Here we go with them

Consumer Search

Consumer search is almost a similar one to the consumer reports, the consumer search will help you to find out all the information about the products once before you purchase them.

Here you can check out the different reviews on many products like shampoos, the label makers and many such similar kinds of products. With the help of this search bar, you can very easily check the product on their site.

Kayak: Travel

The kayak was bought five years ago, it is not like the other travel search site, this kayak search will not only help you just with the airline but also a lot of travel sites.

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This can be the best site for you when you want to book, or if you are taken directly to the source so that you can avoid the commission fee and the middlemen. This kayak is much of the price comparison site than the source of the review.

Cook’s illustrated – kitchen tools and the food brands

This will publish multiple of advertisements and the free magazines, this includes the unbiased cooking equipment reviews and the best taste tests of the supermarket ingredients.

You can get all those things in one place and here you can even become a member of the website. You can find the best reviews of all things here.

Compare Six

The Compare Six is one of the top product review sites which is very similar one to the consumer reports. This website can provide you the best comparison charts and the full reviews for the products of all the genres.

It does not matter what you are looking for, whether if you are looking for the new drones, one of the best tools or maybe even if you want to find the best baby mattresses, this website has everything. It has a simple view chart and their buying recommendations for each of the product to find it online.


CNET is the most popular site like the consumer reports, if in case you are looking for the best reviews and the comparisons of the electronics then surely at the right place. Like if you are shopping for the headphones, laptops, smartphones, or any electronic gadget you can find the reviews in depth about the quality.

Their video segments can make it much easier for you to know quickly about the electronic products which can be the best one for you.


Which is an amazing online website like the consumer reports, but “Which” is based on the UK. If you are from the North America, the prices of the different products will surely vary and even some products can’t be identical always.

This online website will offer you the fantastic product reviews with the complete details and the information about each product. You can surely prefer “Which” if you are from Europe and if you are looking for the amazing product reviews.

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