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Sites Like ancestry – Alternate Genealogy websites

Everybody would love investigating few things, which do include our own heritage. We all have a history, parents, grandparents and those had before that. So have you ever wondered if you have any royalty in your family, maybe you can even be related to a great leader or any of the famous actor or actress. In fact, you need to know that 1 in 20 of you are probably descended from the Genghis Kahn.

6 Best Sites Like Ancestry to find out your Family Tree

This kind of investigation can be the best time pass for you, there are a lot of similar websites which can let you track long relatives from all over the world. Some of the below listed free genealogy websites will help you to search for free without any subscription.

Ancestry Genealogy Website

So let’s check out with some of the similar sites like the ancestry. Here we go with them and find your ancestor name for free.

Family Tree Searcher

This is the website which was created by one of the private researchers in order to educate and assist the amateurs. The best interactive searches which is been correctly customized for your specific search. This family tree searcher can help you with a research plan which can provide you with the required links to accomplish all your goals. It is worth checking out this website.

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There are major 2 things which mark kindredtrails as the typical genealogy website. The first thing is that there are some links to the on almost all the page. It seems to be like a kind of pandemic with the genealogy sites. Second, this is that like most other ancestry sites, this is very much a link-oriented site. This can be one of the best sites like the ancestry.

WorldGenWeb Project – World History Buffs Unite

Once you are much involved in the genealogical research, the fastest thing which becomes apparent is that the hobby knows no borders. You can find the expert researchers in just about every country from all around the world. The best research available which brings all of these global enthusiasts together in the worldgenweb project.

Access Genealogy

This is the website which includes the charts, old letters, the native American historical records and all the military documents. This makes a bit of the step up from the traditional ancestry sites. You can see that the main page is even much organized and then pleasantly user-friendly. Here in this site on the left side of the page, you can find the links to all sorts of resources which even includes some fascinating old cemetery records. These include all the states in a country as well the birthday’s, all the dates of death and then the other pertinent information.

The Olive Tree

The olive tree is the private researcher’s collection of the links and all the other resources which are incredibly useful and in depth. Once you check out this website you can find the great effort which is been gone in finding up the links which are provided, and even the best experience which backs up the advice given.

This is the site which has been started in 1996 for the public to have free access to genealogy and the historical resources. One of the best thing about this site is the extensive passenger listings which makes it really easy to search for the names of the ancestors who immigrated to the US by the ship.


This is a huge community which is been maintained the database of the US genealogy records which is searchable by the first and the last name, which is created by thousands of genealogists. It just not has the searchable database they do have a message board and the mailing list, both of which are indisposable resources which can help you to learn much more about the genealogy, refine all your searching methods and then bounce thoughts and the questions of the expert genealogists.  

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