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SendPulse review

Are you into an online business? If yes, you should be dependent upon the email marketing for keeping up with your audience and clients. In fact, Email accounts are the easiest and simplest options to reach to your target audience. You use them to get in touch with your clients, you use them to register for the services and you use them to reach out to the service providers.

That would make it one of the most powerful marketing tools. Of the excellent Email Marketing tools currently available, SendPulse happens to be one of the bright choices you can make for making your Email Marketing Campaign a huge success.

SendPulse Email Marketing – What It Is?

The email marketing is indeed one of the excellent options towards achieving success as an online marketer. But, the options like MailChimp or similar other alternatives tend to be quite expensive. If you are a small time blogger or own a small business, these options may be out of reach for most of you.

SendPulse is what would offer you a three-folded approach to handling the email marketing for your needs. The email marketing solution is backed by Artificial Intelligence and should be one of the best tools you can put to optimum use for your needs.

Sendpulse Review

In fact, SendPulse acts as an integrated platform so that you can reach your audience through Email messages, SMS Messages, and web push notifications on an individual basis. You should also be able to start a campaign based on Emails, SMS and web push.

What Makes SendPulse A Great Option?

Well, the tool comes with a unified approach. It combines Email, SMS and Web Push in one capable application and lets you automate your campaign with ease. There are several features that would make it an excellent option.

Here are a few features that are worth the attention –

The Artificial Intelligence

That should be the best feature that would make SendPulse an excellent option. It uses Artificial Intelligence so that you can get a better email open rate. In fact, it can improve the email open rate by up to 30 percent. You can also add personal touches to enhance it further.

High Degree of Personalisation

The personalized sending is what would improve the success rate of your email messages. SendPulse improves the personalization by adding up the personal results or details in the email body or subject line. The personalized listing of your clients can also be used to send messages that they would indeed want to receive. This is bound to improve the relevance of the messages.

A/B Testing

A/B Testing is the excellent way through which you can arrive at the best strategy that you can opt for. You can get to know what your subscribers are looking for using the A/B Testing approach. SendPulse lets you use the method for the best results. It involves sending a particular template of the emails to say around 15 percent of your clients while sending another template to the other 15 percent.

You can now analyze the stats available for these emails. Check out the metrics like unsubscribe rates, call to action buttons and similar responses. You can make comparisons with your chosen templates and finally choose a winner template and continue using it for all your subscribers.

Automated Sending

SendPulse lets you send automated email sending options. You can configure the frequency and the class of emails to be sent based on a variety of parameters. In fact, most of the Email campaigns indulge in automated emails. You can base the automated email sending based on the parameters of your choice. You can use a host of triggers.

Email Resending

That should be a great feature that SendPulse brings you. Email resending has been shown to be improving your email open rate by around 30 to 70 percent. If any of your subscribers do not open the email, just change the content and the time of sending and resend the email again. It is quite simple to use this feature, set it up as  “Send emails to unreads.”

Reports And Analysis

SendPulse provides you regular reports so that you can take a decision on how good or bad your email campaigns have been. Check the results of every campaign with a detailed statistics report. SendPulse uses a host of metrics based on the subscriber actions. Some of the metrics include click rates, unsubscribe rate, open rate, location statistics and error reports. You would be able to analyze the areas that need attention.  

Pricing and Plans

SendPulse is indeed the best option for the small business owners and bloggers. Unlike most other mainstream Email marketing solutions, it offers you affordable plans.

Here is a look at their affordable plans –

The Free Plan – If your subscriber base is less than 2500, you can opt for their free plan. That should indeed be a great option. You may send SMTP service for the first 12000 emails completely free. The web push notifications are completely free.

The Monthly Plan – You can a better option of a monthly subscription based on your subscriber base. You can opt for a plan based on the number of subscribers. For 2500 subscribers, the monthly payment would be $ 9.85, while for 50000 subscribers, you would be charged at $ 191.

The Pay As You Go Plan – In fact, if you do not send too many emails – the prepaid package should be your best choice. If you are into 10000 emails, the charges would be $ 32, while for the 50000 emails you would be charged at $ 812. The messages would be dependent upon the number of messages sent.

Apart from the above plans, the service also offers you a VIP plan if you have more than a million subscribers. You may get in touch with the customer service team for an affordable pricing plan that suits your requirements.

In Conclusion

That should be an introduction to the features and functionality of SendPulse as an efficient service provider for all your requirements in Email marketing. Yes, we addressed it as an introduction because the tool comes with a host of other features that have not been covered here. We have outlined the major features that the service would offer you. Check out the service and get to know the excellence that it provides for yourself.

The service does come with a free plan that works well for you if your subscriber base does not exceed 2500. Giving it a try would be the best way to have a clear understanding of the tool as your primary email marketing tool.

Sendpulse Review
  • Interface4.0
  • Features4.5
  • Pricing4.0

SendPulse as an efficient service provider for all your requirements in Email marketing with some various tools which helps you in email marketing aspects. There is a free version which you can try & get to know about the tool.

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