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How to save Snapchat photos and videos {Top 5 Apps}

Snapchat is a photo and video messaging service, that sends a photo or video to someone that lasts only up to 10 seconds before it disappears. Users can take photos, record and videos, add texts or writing and drawings and send them to a controlled list of recipients. In this post, we’re going to talk about how to save Snapchat photos and videos without the sender knowing that we’re saving the photos and videos.

Snapchat has placed a focal point on its ” Stories ” functionally, which allows the users to accumulate snap into a ” Story ” so that they can be view by the other users in an ordered way and each snap will be available for 24 hours after its posting of snaps that will be broadcast with the world or just your followers . Snapchat moreover features curate “Live Stories “.

Snaps can either be directed secretly to specific friends or to a Story. Snaps can be sent confidentially, a time limit will be set, after which it is said to be deleted.

Snapchat does not secure the screenshots from being taken, but it can notify the sender if it defects and that have been saved. Snapchat is a popular app for adults where they have a unique way of having fun by sharing the photos and videos.

how to save snapchat videos & images

The snap chat app gives a fun to the users where even they can add a caption or doodle or lens graphics over top of photo or video and share it with friends. Snapchat has billions of followers, where you can find more teenagers who love this app and have fun.

How to save Snapchat photos and videos

Here are some common terms and phrases that are used in the Snapchat app;

  • Snap chatters – Snapchat users
  • Snapback – reply to a Snap
  • Snaps – photos or videos taken with Snapchat
  • Story – A Snap story that you can broadcast to followers
  • Scores – total number of snaps you have sent and received
  • Chat – it is a special feature that lets you message friends privately or directly
  • Here – it is a feature that lets you start a live video chat with a direct message

Well if you are thinking to use Snapchat application, but you must be thinking how to save Snapchat photo and videos, then here are the few methods that make you save your Snapchat photos and videos on your application.

Snapchat app has been around several years and many of them offer the possibility of archive photo and videos that you have received from the other users, Unlike own function of reproduction of Snapchat, third application alternatives to allow media to be achieved locally so that you can see them at any time at any place.

However, we can also save the snaps and videos that are sent through snap chat using some apps, we’re going to show you how to save snap chat images and videos using apps.

Here are the top 5 best apps that help you to save Snapchat videos and photos:

1. SnapBox

SnapBox is a best iOS app to download Snapchat photos and videos. SnapBox app will help you to save all your Snapchat photos and videos are saved permanently forever. Whenever you receive a snap, open SnapBox and log in with your Snapchat user id and password and all your snaps are saved.

SnapBox app is the best app to archive your snaps and video that are important to you and

2. Snapchat Saver

It is the most popular Android app to save your received messages on Snapchat. Snapchat Saver will let you save both photo and video snaps. You can keep photo stories and video stories as well. Please note that snaps should be saved prior to opening them on Snapchat.

3. SnapCrack

The SnapCrack app boasts of some great functionality. Apart from saving photos, videos and stories you can also send snaps from your photo album. There is also a paid version of the app available for the purchase. SnapCrack app will help you to easy usage to Snapchat videos and photos.

4. SaveMySnaps

SaveMySnaps is an Android app that lets you view your snaps as well as optionally download them. Just remember not to view the snaps on the Snapchat app before downloading them.

5. SnapSave

This Android app completely replaces your Snapchat app. You can view and save snaps as well as send snaps from SnapSave.

(NOTE: The SnapSave Android app has been removed from the Google Play Store, but, is still available on the Apple App Store for iOS and SnapSave app for Android APK can be downloaded from other sites, Check out the full guide here –> Snap Save Apk)

Above are the top best app which allows you to save the snaps and video permanently and it is a very simple app which let you archive your snaps in an easier and quicker way.

Now here are the 5 Ways To Save Snapchat Snaps Permanently Without The Senders Knowledge.

  1. The easiest way to save the snaps is to take a picture of the received snap with a camera. This method is a little cumbersome since you have to press and hold to view the snap.
  2. There are a lot of apps already available in the market that let you save all the snaps you have received. Apps like Snap Save, SaveSnap, SnapBox etc. do all the heavy lifting for you and save your snaps.
  3. Use file managing software like iFunBox to browse the files on your mobile device after connecting to your computer. After careful examination, you can find the temporary snaps on your mobile device. Download and save them to your system. This method can be used to save the snaps only before opening the snaps.
  4. Since every snap you receive is stored locally on your device, data recovery software used to recover lost or accidentally deleted files can be used to recover the snaps too. This method is used after the snaps have been viewed and destroyed.
  5. While taking a screenshot on your iPhone/ iPad/ iPod by holding the home and power button at the same time, keep a finger on the screen to hold the picture. When you let go and see the snaps section again, tap the home button twice before the picture disappears. This cancels SnapChats detection and you can view the screenshot on your phone as many times as you want.

These are the various methods by which a Snapchat snap can be saved permanently without the sender having any hint about it. It is never safe to send private snaps over Snapchat. By using these methods you can Happy Snapping by taking snaps of your dear one and you can have a look at it at any place and anytime.

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