POWERUP DART – App Controlled Paper Airplane with tricks

What is Powerup Dart all about?

Powerup Dart is the conversion kit for the paper planes which makes them amazing.  It’s like just fold a small paper plane, and then attach the dart and then fly around your backyard, workplace or a park with an impressive accuracy.

You can do a lot of cool tricks with the fantastic paper plane jet you fold yourself.

Powerup Dart

It’s like just fold your jet however you would like to do it. one thing is the aerodynamics are different with every plane. The next thing is to attach the dart module to your paper plane, connect that to your phone and take off.

Flip it, do the aerobatic tricks in the air with the flicks of your wrist. It’s really crazy and fun to do these things.

How does it work?

Step 1 –Wingover

Just throttle to 80%, at the 45 degrees pitch start banking to the side until the airplane point to the ground at the 45 degrees pitch down angle.

Step 2 –Barrel Roll

Boost the 100% thrust, bank 20 degrees.

Step 3 –Spin

Boost the 100% trust you can do it until the airplane is vertical, then reduce the throttle in order to achieve the hover, now at this particular point the torque will cause the airplane to spin, the recovery is done by reducing the throttle and then banking to one of the sides.

Step 4 – Loop

Boost complete trust, zero banks.

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Step 5 – Lazy 8

Follow the lateral figure eight shape by the banking right and left and with the provided 60% to 70% throttle.

Step 6 – Scissors

This will require 2 pilots, plan the banking direction before the launch, launch together in the same way direction means while at the same time with the 60% to 70% throttle and then turn right and left accordingly.

Step 7 – Hammerhead

Boost until the airplane is wide vertical, and then quick bank to the side wherein until the airplane facing down to the ground.   

Step 8 – Immelmann

Zero banks until and unless the airplane are inverted quick bank until the airplane is leveled.

In Brief about the product

The takeoff and landing the gear is just effortless. There are no complications here you don’t have to worry about the hand launching, you need to just accelerate and then go.

It’s just not one plane, but many planes. Each plane provided with its own characteristics and the aeronautics. You can just fly any plane which you can fold, the possibilities are just endless.

It is completely simple and the best and takes minutes to take off and it gives you the super fun.

It is fast, the speeds up to 25mph/40km and also be provided with the quick charge, you can just charge it for around 25m with the provided standard USB.

This Airplane is completely indestructible. It is crash resistant and It is cleared for takeoff, it is very small so that you don’t need to register with the FAA.

Powerup dart has been designed with the effortless setup and the pairing, you just need to turn it on and then pair the Bluetooth instantly and just take off.

Dart is been provided with the intuitive control. Check out the Kickstarter Official page for more info here –>> Powerup Dart Kickstarter

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