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Pixel Mini – Tiny Arduino Compatible Smart Display

The Pixel mini is featured with the 32bit 48MHz ARM cortex MO+ micro controller and then 16k of ram, 0.95” 96×64 color OLED screen and it does come with the MicroSD card slot.

This is completely a featured board as it has a lot of uses and many things you can do with this board, with the help of this board you can create wearables and will be able to attach the sensors. 

Pixel Mini Arduino

You can even attach it with the display data adding the text or the graphics put in it and can make cool games out of it.

Note – The mini Pixel is around 25% smaller compared to the original pixel, and the cost is really less.

Technical Features in Pixel Mini

  • Microcontroller : Atmel ATSMD21E17A ARM Cortex mo+
  • The clock speed: 48MHz
  • Speaking about the operating voltage it is 3.3V
  • The I/o pin limits are 3.3V, 7MA
  • Digital I/O pins is about 12 (10 w/PWM) + 2 12C pins.
  • More about the analog pins

Input pins – 3, 12-bit ADC channels

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Output pins – 1, 10-bit DAC

  • The flash memory 128KB.
  • SRAM is 16KB
  • The voltage regulator – TLV702 (3.7V – 5.5V in / 3.3V, 300mA out)
  • Speaking about the PCB dimensions 1.3 x 1.3” (33mm x 33mm)
  • The display is 96×64 16 – bit color 0.95” (24MM) OLED w/SSD1331 driver.

Programming of Pixel Mini

The programming here is really cool and easy. It is as normal like you will have to connect the board to your PC or the MAC with the help of the Micro USB cable.

First is you need to select the board which you want to program from the main menu and then hit the upload button in the IDE when you are ready to go for it.

So this isn’t like the original pixel and anyhow the Mini requires the Rabid Prototypes Tau board definition files, so firstly all you have to do is install all those.

  • The Pixel Mini is much compatible with the Arduino’s SPI and the SD Libraries.
  • The communication with the display and the Micro SD card both of them are handled through the SPI bus which will be accessed by the pins 11-13pin 10ss which will be acting as the chip select pin for the micro SD card.
  • The Pins 5,8,9 that is ORST, ODC, OCS) these are used to control the display.
  • This pixel mini does compatible with the Adafruit’s graphics library.
  • The library offers you the cool functions of the biting images, drawing the primitives like the lines and the circles and even includes bitmapped font support.
  • The Adafruit’s graphics library is fully supported.

Anytime if you wish to modify the fuses or the bootloader, this pixel mini features standards SWD header and that is compatible with the Atmel ICE. 

However, it is the whole foot print which will let you connect the ICE ribbon cable and the tilting it in the socket to make the contact with through the hole pads.

Speaking of the open source hardware

The pixel mini is the open source which actually means it will make the schematics and the PCB layout available and will be free to modify the design which you would wish to and integrate it into your own boards – and yes you don’t need to pay any of the royalties or the licensing fees.  

One Pixel Mini is available for $45 and the estimated delivery is Oct 2017.

You can check out more information on their Kickstarter page –>> Pixel Mini Kickstarter

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