Pimax – The World’s First 8K VR Headset

What is Pimax?

The Pimax 8K is a cutting-edge virtual reality device which is been designed for the VR futurists. The main target of the Pimax 8 is to create an intuitive VR which is without the shade of the headset, it is sharp enough so that there won’t be any chances of you being disturbed by the pixels.

In Brief about the product

It is been doubled FOV up to 200 degrees, with an provided increased resolution of 2*3840×2160. At the same time, the motion sickness is been eliminated, and that is been often associated with the longer exposure to the virtual environment.

PiMax - 8K VR Headset

The Pimax 8K VR is been created to support the mainstream content which is now currently available in the market. It is offering you the very largest field of the view of 200 degrees and then even the high resolution that is 2*3840×2160 on any of the VR headsets which is available in the market with less than 15ms latency.

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Best features

  • Pimax is the world’s very first headset to have the 8K resolution.
  • It is been provided with the 200-degree FOV.
  • You can feel free to use your peripheral vision in VR.
  • It is offered with the Brainwrap that is the boosted refresh rate, it has the reduced latency, with provided less motion sickness and it’s pretty long. You can just feel the exciting experience.
  • This Pimax is compatible with the most of the VR content currently on the market.

What is Unique in Pimax 8K Special?

  • Pimax was the first to market with the 4K VR headset and it was just the beginning of it.
  • The Pimax was been refined with elements from our 4K model which even includes the ghosting and the brightness.
  • Now also the Pimax is the first thing to introduce the VR in 8K.
  • Now can be done with the screen door effect and now welcome the “reality” into the virtual reality.
  • The Pimax 8K can offer you 200-degree FOV which is actually far closer to matching the natural human FOV of 220 degrees.
  • The users can just use their peripheral vision rather than constantly moving their head and making for the much intuitive experience.
  • Even it is reduced the one key visual shortcomings of the VR technology.
  • With this provided 8K VR of 3840×2160 per eye, you can directly get into the world of clarity.

What is Brainwarp all about?

Brainwarp can render and then display the image in a sequence. At a time, only one eye can look at the actual 4K image, the pimax 8k will render you the single 4K image at 150/180 times per second.

What is the Modular design?

This pimax 8K VR headset is a simple starting point for the DIY enthusiasts. The Pimax 8K is an extendable device which is the thing which not only works with your provided accessories but it does also allow very easy implementation of all the new technologies.

The technical specifications of the Pimax

  • The FOV is provided with 200 degrees.
  • The resolution is “2*3840×2160, 16.6 million pixels in total.
  • Speaking of the screen it is customized low persistence liquid display.
  • The Refresh rate is 75/90 Hz per eye
  • The interface is DP1.4, USB 3.0
  • It offers you the experience of seated VR, Standing VR, the Room scale positional tracking and the hand motion.
  • Here the audio is been provided with 2×3.5 mm audio jack, the stereo sound earphones, and even the integrated microphone.
  • It is offered with the processor of GTX 980/1070 or the AMD R9 Nano, equivalent and above.
  • The content in this is Pi home/steam VR/Oculus Home.

Developing with the Pimax 8K will let you do things like

  • It gives you on additional details in your given existing content, that is the 200 FOV and the 8K resolution means the eye which can capture something more in addition.
  • You can have friends to experience your content with the greater comfort and the immersion.
  • It can give you extra positional tracking to your high-resolution content.
  • The best thing is you can interact with the experience with your bare hands.
  • It is much creative and extreme with the motion and the ride based content.
  • You can create the new existing accessories by all yourself with the new 8K device driver SDK.  

You can check Kickstarter Official page for more info –>> PiMax Kickstarter

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