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Okinawa Rush – 2D style fighting game with RPG elements

What is RPG?

RPG ( Role Playing Game is a game wherein each of the participant will assume themselves as the role of the character which appears in the game. It has an interaction within the games imaginary world & story in it. 

Okinawa Rush – Martial arts with RPG

Okinawa Rush is completely a skill-based game wherein it includes with multiple crazy moves to master and the hordes of the enemies of the battle.

The major part of this game is a visual of being able to parry anything which does include the traps and the projectiles if that is timed in a right way.

Great Features of the Okinawa Rush

The Okinawa rush is featured with the different fighting engine.

It probably has a huge move set.

Designed in a way engaging the story shared with the hand illustrated, and the graphitic cut scenes with the with the access of the pixel art style.

It is introduced with multiple of a unique type of enemies with their own featured moves and the weapons.

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The game is developed with the core boss battles.

Featured projectiles and the traps, parry any attacks.

The game gives you the access to select a training Dojo and then alter it with some additional stuff like with the feng shui item system in order to put up your hero’s powers.

High scores which you score will be uploaded to the Okinawa rush Official website.

The game is greatly customized.

In Okinawa rush, it gets interesting to look ahead to the secret areas, the easter-eggs and many mysteries you can discover out there.

The game is fetched with the unique co-op combos. The local co-op combos where you can try hard to defeat your enemies and win over them.

What is the story all about in this Okinawa rush?

The black mantis clan which is known as the army of the ninja will rush to the Okinawa to loot all over, pillage and shoot, kill anyone who tries to stop them in their way.

Here is the video of the trailer of the game.

Apart from these things they were actually looking for the legendary training scroll of the Hiro yashima who is honed their martial skill up to the supernatural level, and then summoning flame and the sound to vanquish his foes.

The climax of this story goes like he will go back to the home one night to look for his children missing, his wife slain and then he will find a small note in his wife’s hand stating that

“Come, find me in the shadows beyond the sea and show me what you are capable of”.

So yes this is all about the story of the Okinawa.

What makes you prefer Okinawa?

The major specific character in this game which I can mention is the master of karate, it has a style of the martial-art which is been originated from the Okinawa, it is the island which is closer to the Japan.

You know what? It is said that it is not probably a historical place or it has nothing related to the historical events or the real people out there.

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We would like to let go it in the same way as it will let you go for more fantastical possibilities and develop a world of creativity.

You can find many references to Okinawan, the unique Japanese names, different types of foods which you have not heard about and mysterious unique objects and other stuff which you feel is completely new.

Major moves of Okinawa

Okinawa rush is much about the core, a skillful gameplay which does include the “just frame” commands. This game can be user-friendly even for the beginner to get in and go ahead with the flow immediately.

Okinawa Rush Moves

The characters in this game are




These are the characters who keep on performing many moves in order to fight against their enemies and defeat the game. 

The latest update in the recent edition is that Meilin is now being developed and at this point, he is unavailable to play in the demo.

Meanwhile, the Hiro and the shin have their own story but it is a unique fighting style which is different from others.

An alternative to the project fireballs she will be having a bladed fan where in she can throw and use to overcome the enemies and completing their moves successfully.

Shop in the Okinawa rush

Okinawa rush is designed and bought up with the shop which is been presented to the player while moving via a travelling merchant who will switch between 3 different areas that are the (beach, woodlands and the cherry blossom island) each of them will provide you different items but with a slight variations in it which are based on the location the shop is.

The players here can plead a Special request for the merchant in order to try the unique items which appear in his store.

The items which appear there are

  • The brand new suits.
  • Unique colored dyes for the customization of the hair.
  • The rare amulets which can boost the stats.
  • Equipment which can be helpful for you while you do the moves.
  • The special ornaments which you can place them within the dojo which you have built.


So this is a unique fighting game with RPG elements which is completely different from the other games. It is worth giving a try to this Okinawa rush.

check out the Kickstarter page for more info –>> Okinawa Kickstarter

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