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Microsoft Event Round up – Surface Laptop & New Windows

The Microsoft is processing to launch the brand new surface laptop which the Microsoft is holding a hardware event on May 2nd, 2017 Tuesday and that’s going to happen in New York you can join them morning at 9:30 AM Eastern time.

MicrosoftEdu Event

The priority of this event is all about the Microsoft surface laptop. If you are unable to attend the event you have an option wherein you can watch a live stream of the events major presentations too. Check out the guide on free mobile tracker USA.

Brand New Surface laptop

Coming to the surface laptop this is a laptop which comes with the 13.5 INCh PixelSense display which is just incredible and you can get that in four colors like the Platinum, the Burgundy, the Cobalt Blue and the Graphite gold.

The Microsoft laptop has really cool inbuilt features like it comes with the Alcantara keyboard and literally the same fabric is only available in the premium surface Pro 4 keyboard. I am not that sure about what exactly is the hardware power of that surface laptop.

I can tell just tell about the images which I saw over that is the USB port, the mini display port, and the damn cool conventional Surface power connector. According to my knowledge, I don’t think the Microsoft has the “C ports” included in the Microsoft surface laptop.


The weight of the surface laptop is around 2.76 pounds and it does comes with the high stable thickness of the 14.47mm in the back side and then 9.9mm in the front. It has been told that the surface laptop display has 3.4 million pixels, the company actually says that it is using 180 p panel display at 13.5 inches which are seriously not a small thing at all.

So this what we are expecting that we can look for in the event. There are few rumors about this event something about the windows 10 cloud or the windows 10 S I am that sure about it but the things will be clear once you are in the event or if you are watching the event tomorrow that is may 2nd Tuesday you will be clear with every bit of it. Ticket platforms Vivid seats vs Stub Hub Comparision to take extra benefit.

So the event is now so let me go in deep with what has come out of it

Microsoft Minecraft Edu Edition

The Microsoft has now introduced a new set of the educational products and their services, which has been greatly inspired by the teachers and the students, this includes the new windows experiences called the windows 10 S, it is bought up with the new features in the Minecraft and even the mixed reality to speak the creativity.

According to the view, the technology can actually inspire the latest creativity in the today’s classroom.

Introducing Windows 10 S – A New Windows experience Inspired By Teachers And Students

The major mission with the windows is the leading education platform worldwide. You can take it as the rich creativity inspiring the applications, like the Autodesk sketchbook, the adobe photoshop elements, the Minecraft and the rich 365 but be noted it is not the mobile experience, which will be available for you in the windows store.

The windows 10 S has been inspired by all the students and the teachers who work on it, streamlined for the simplicity, the security and the great superior performance.

It can be a great one for you. So with this windows 10 S all the application which the teachers and the students can get them download from the windows store where they are verified for the security. It ensures the consistent performance and helps the beginners to start quickly and they can be completely focused without any of the distractions.

Windows 10 PCs for Educating Starting At $189

The main aim with the windows 10 S is to develop the open vibrant partner ecosystem which we have today. All our partners including Acer, ASUS, Dell Fujitsu, HP, Samsung and the Toshiba offers you a wide range of the new windows 10 PCs for today’s education which is starting at $189.

Check out the official website for more information ->> MicrosoftEdu Event Details

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