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Mi Band 2 Features, Specifications & Price

Mi Band 2 is been designed with the OLED display wherein you can see many things at a glance. It works like you just need to simply lift your wrist if you want to view the time and then just tap the button for the steps and even to check the heart rate. So at a time you can check the

  • Time
  • Steps
  • Heart Rate

Features of Mi Band 2

It has the capability of calculating the spring in your step. Mi Band 2 has been provided with the improved pedometer algorithm which can filter out the unnecessary movements.

Xiaomi Mi Band 2

So this can help you in measuring the steps you have taken and the exercise you do even more accurately and it gives you the perfect feel.

You can Count every Heartbeat

Mi Band 2 is been designed with the Built-in motion sensor, wherein the Mi band 21 knows when exactly you start your workout, so there is no any complications like you have to switch the modes or no necessity of telling it before you start it does it work on its own once you start the workout.

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You can measure your heart rate in order to adjust the length and the intensity of the workouts you do. So all you have to do is just keep calm and focus on your fitness goals.

It gives you the Reminder

The Idle alerts send a gentle nudge to in case if you are sitting idle doing no work for a long time, these reminders can tell you when it’s the time to have a short walk or the water break or exercise. So this can help you focus on your fitness in a great way.

Can track your heart rate and the running speed.

Dialy runs are really the best part for your fitness and a good health, so you can sync with this with the Mi fit app wherein it can help you to monitor your running speed and the heart rate in the real time.

Track your sleep

Your heart rate will drop down when you go into a deep sleep, so the heart rate sleep assistant can measure the heart rate while you are asleep so that the light and the deep sleep patterns are been tracked much more perfectly.

Unlock your Smartphone instantly

This Mi Band 2 carries your unique identity, so when you are close to your android smartphone, it can unlock instantly. That’s a great feature which all would love in Mi band 2, you don’t need any passcodes or the fingerprint to unlock it.

Incoming call and the message alerts

This feature can help you a lot as it will send you the notification alerts directly to your wrist so that you don’t miss any calls, message or any of the notifications. This feature can be best especially when you carry your phone in the bag, pocket or your vehicle.

IP67 splash resistant

Mi band 2 is completely splash resistant. You can rinse hand or shower with the Mi band 2 without any worries. This Mi band 2 is durable and resistant against the water splashes, sweat, cosmetics, dust and many such things, so you don’t need to worry about anything you can just focus on your fit health. It is Splash resistant, dust resistant, Corrosion Resistant.

Power efficient OLED display

You can see more using less power on the customized OLED display. All you need to do is just simply tap on the button to check your latest stats.

Connect it with Bluetooth 4.2

The 2Nd generation low-energy Bluetooth 4.2 chipset provides you faster, stable connections while consuming the less power. This will ensure you a very long battery life and the stable data transmission.

20-Day Battery Life

Mi band 2 is provided with the good battery backup as you can get up to 20 days battery life. The high-density lithium polymer battery is very small, light, and it is extremely long lasting.

It senses with precision

The high-precision accelerometer and the heart rate sensors are just not accurate, it works efficiently with a good power.  


Mi band 2 will cost you around INR 1999.


Mi band 2 is the best product use. It can be comfortable to all even for the people with sensitive skins. Mi Band 2 can be your best company for your fit health. It is worth using this Mi Band 2

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