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Mailinator Alternatives – Disposal Email Address

Are you looking for mailinator alternatives?  Wanted to use fake mail ( anonymous email ) to someone then check out this article on best alternative for disposal mails.

Fake Email IDs or Email IDs created for a temporary purpose have been quite common these days. One of the prime reason you create these sort of temporary email IDs is to register yourself on certain websites. Most of us resort to creating temporary email IDs because of an inherent tendency of the websites of sending spam emails. You would not want your inbox to be bombarded with those useless emails.

That is precisely the need to opt for disposable email IDs. Mailinator has been the best source for creating such email IDs that would work for temporary purposes. However, there are several reasons you may be looking for the alternatives to Malinator. If you are one of those looking for the Mailinator alternatives, we have a fair list of best alternatives for you.

Why Would You Need Mailinator Alternatives?

Mailinator is the best source for creating temporary and disposable email IDs. These would be helpful in registering for websites and services. However, there are some websites and services that detect these fake or temporary email IDs and block them as such.

In case you have come across such a site that does not accept your Mailinator email ID, you would be forced to search for the Mailinator alternatives so that you can register with the websites without having to provide your regular email ID. The list of best Mailinator alternatives should provide you with a great option. Check them out and opt for the ones that best meet your requirements.

Best Mailinator Alternatives

Here is the list of perfect alternatives for Mailinator. Check them out and share your thoughts with us. Here are the best sites like mailinator to use fake emails. 

Mailinator alternatives


Mailnesia is your best protection against spam messages. Just provide a name for your email address and that would do it. You are good to go.

You do not need to create an account for the purpose. Create a temporary email address and check the messages without the need for entering the login details. In fact, the service also lets you opt for the random email IDs by opting for the random suggestions, if you are not able to come up with a good ID yourself.

What makes it a great option is the fact that you would not need to verify the registration yourself. The confirmation email is verified automatically. Isn’t that a wonderful feature? Your task is completed without your having to do anything from your end.

Fake Mail Generator

That should be another option for creating temporary email addresses. This should be the best option for registering to the websites and in cases wherein you would not want to provide your genuine email ID.

In fact, the service claims that it provides you the best options for getting Netflix trials for a permanent period. Fake mail Generator offers you a host of domains to choose from. This should be one of the excellent options for disposable email IDs.

Check out sites like Fingerhut to use Buy Now Pay Later websites.


This should ideally be the best and simplest service for creating temporary email addresses. You can create an ID and use it for any of the temporary purposes that you would want to.

In fact, as soon as you visit the site, you are greeted with a temporary email address just like that. If you are not happy with the email address provided, you can customize it the way you would want to. The emails you receive if any are will also be available here and you may decide to ignore them.


This is yet another option to create disposable email ID with ease. What would make it a great choice would be the fact that you need to fill out any request form for the purpose.

Here is a perfect fake mail generator. The email address is created as soon as you visit the website.No need to fill any form or provide your personal information. You can choose between the generic domain names or any country-specific domain names as per your choice. Moreover, you may also create email addresses that would expire in an hour’s time. You can use the email generated randomly or create a custom-made email ID.


While the above option provides you a fake email address that would be active for an hour, you may need an email ID that would continue to be active for around a month. In such cases, we would recommend you to opt for MyTrashMail.

It also offers you the kind of services like spam blocker and other unique features in its own right. Visit the site, enter your name and click on Get Email button. You do not need to register for getting the services of the fake mail creator. Emails created using this service and the emails received in this mail ID are destroyed in a period of one month. There is no need to register yourself for the service, nor would you need to part with your personal information.

10 Minute Mail

10 Minute Mail is what would work just the way it names itself. In fact, it can be your perfect choice if you are looking for a service that would provide you an email ID that you are trying to create for registration for a particular service.

Yes, the email ID created would only last just 10 minutes. This time limit may not be suitable for every other service. However, it could be the best you would opt for if you are looking for an email address just for a couple of minutes. However, if you trying a service that sends verification emails instantly or free trials of some software tools where you are expected to share an email – 10 Minute mail should be your perfect option.

The service works in over 40+ languages and lets you increase the time limit for expiry by another 10 minutes if you need.

Guerilla Mail

This is yet another fake email generator service that would help you create an email ID that would last for a few minutes. It is your perfect choice for creating email ID so that you would not be burdened with spams.

The Guerilla  Mail is the best option for your needs in disposable email addresses. The service will keep the mail open as long as the session is open. All the emails you have received will be removed in just an hour. The service has over nine different domains you can choose from. This will help you avoid the chances of blacklisting.


Dispostable is yet another perfect option for creating an email ID for your needs. You can either create an email ID that is randomly generated or choose a custom address to suit your requirements.

The interface of the service is quite simple and easy to follow. The default email address should have a domain name of If you are worried that it may be blacklisted, you can choose a random email generator for the purpose. If you tend to create frequent temporary email IDs, Dispostable should be your best and perfect option from that perspective.


Another simple and easier option to create a disposable email should be none other than Getairmail. It is the simplest and option you can use to obtain a temporary and disposable email address that would be helpful in addressing your temporary email requirements and aid in keeping your service cleaner.

It is also referred to as AirMail. The mail will remain active as long as you keep your session open. Just create a new temporary email and you are good to go. You can create your anonymous email address with ease and keep yourself safe from being inundated with spam emails. The IP address and messages are removed automatically after 24 hours.


Maildrop is an astonishing service you would opt for if you want to create a temporary email address. The service works in an online mode and your genuine email ID will be protected.

It has a simpler user interface and must be the best Malinator alternative for your needs. The domain name associated has been used effectively on several services. There have been instances of it being blacklisted, but such instances appear to be quite low as things stand now.

However, if you are using it for buying trial versions of the software tools or similar other purposes, it can be a good choice. What would make it an exceptional choice is the fact that you do not need any sort of registration for the purpose.

In Conclusion

Anonymous email providers have been one of the best options you can go with. The services here should be the most capable of keeping your regular email inbox clutter-free. Almost all the services have been checked to be working at the time of compiling this list of the best services that would help you opt for disposable emails meant for temporary purposes.

Check out the options featured here and let us know which one of them worked best for your needs. Do share your favorite services if you find they are missing in our compilation.

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