Laddroller – The 4×4 standing wheelchair of the future

What is a Laddroller all about?

It is a unique standing wheelchair, a groundbreaking mobility device which is been made in order to help tens of millions of the wheelchair users all over the world. We all know much about the wheelchair users and even we are much aware of the health complications which they face due to their sedentary life.


Many of them are suffered from osteoporosis, wherein they have circulation and the respiration problems, there are even many cases wherein people die due to the heart diseases and dangerous infections.

So this is the reason they have attended many sessions of the physiotherapy and the rehabilitation to get the exact mobility which they are looking for, the reason is that the human body is been designed to do so.

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Even the other thing which they have got to the notice is that the moto disability will cause them the psychological side effects. Those people have completely lost their autonomy, they even strive to socialize and the most major thing all have to know is that they have lost the eye contact with others.

So these things are the main reason to invent laddroller, that is the new standing wheelchair which evaluates the user by making the use of the motion of the wheels and then it is like only when the 2 sets of the wheels come closer to each other.

so then the whole geometry of the wheelchair changes so then the user can stand up instantaneously. Then coming back to the sitting position is just the gravity’s job, you don’t overcome any complications here.

In Brief about the Laddroller

Basically, the Landdroller is selectively a 4 wheel drive and that’s really great to be designed with the bigger wheels at the front.

The bigger wheels are capable enough to overcome all the obstacles like the steps, curbs and the gaps as well. It is been provided with the modular design which makes it very easily portable in the trunk of the medium car.

It is even capable enough of propelled manually if any chance the battery gets low.

It is the completely new and been provided with the innovative approach of the mobility when it is compared to the existing devices.  

The laddroller is also been presented and rewarded by many of the top prestigious institutions all around the world.

It is been provided with the intellectual property portfolio with the recently awarded triple-A PCT. The laddroller is been proven every single time a disabled people and their caregivers.

All the disabled users can access better the labor market, that even help’s them to save money on their home modifications.

The health systems will reduce their reimbursement costs as well and the societies prove their level of civilization when they help their members in need.

So it is the life-changing device, which is capable enough to promote health. It creates the independence and the untethered mobility.

There are a lot of risks and the challenges faced during the research and the development of the Laddroller in the last 4 years which is going to be a great success now.

You can check out their Kickstarter Official page for more info –>> Laddroller Kickstarter

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