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Best Keyboard Apps for Android – Top 6

One of Android’s greatest and most important features is its ability to switch out the inbuilt keyboard for an alternative. These come with extra, features and are a vast improvement on the stock keyboards.

There are hundreds on the Play Store, too, and you can change keyboards continuously you find one you like. With this in mind, we’ve selected six of the Best Keyboard Apps for Android devices.

Moving throw the various keyboards will bite of pain, but if you tap the menu key on your phone, choose “Settings” and then go to “Language & keyboard” you’ll be able to choose which ones are active, as well as which one is currently set as the default.

Best Keyboard Apps for Android

Before you download them, it’s a good thing to work out what type of typist you are. Some people love swanky swipe interfaces while others feel more familiar with more real traditional keyboards.

Best Keyboard Apps for Android

On top of these are some different keyboards which do anything a little different.


SwiftKey is default keyboard for many years, and it’s just got better and better. Its unique scoring point is its capability to predict what you’re about to type based on earlier emails, texts, Facebook updates and Tweets, and it works exceptionally well. In fact, it’s almost mysterious in the way it works out what you’re about to type next.

Somehow, though, Swiftkey is yet out favorite keyboard, if only for the matter that it makes entering text on a wee screen so amazingly easy. And it is the best keyboard app for Android ever!

2.Smart Keyboard

Smart Keyboard doesn’t involve any gimmicks methods expressions or swipe-based typing, but it’s a thick and substantial gives nonetheless. There’s a free trial version available on the Play Store.

A nice thing of Smart Keyboard is the tendency to adjust the height of the keys. With other keyboards, this is work with some pre-defined defaults, but Smart Keyboard uses sliders to a tiny degree of customization. It means you can have nice big keys if you struggle to see, or tiny ones later if you need to increase your screen’s real estate.

Smart Keyboard ships including an iPhone-style keyboard by default, as well it works just as like Apple’s sleek plus flexible option. There are other options for standard devices such as HTC, Galaxy smartphones, as well as standard Android. If you want to get your hands greasy it supports an open-source keyboard format it means you can create your own as well even use these with other keyboards.

3. AdapTXT

Adaptxt would win it hands – or fingers – down. It’s capacious, and open layout and bright graphics make it look plus feel like something you’d find on an expensive laptop. Adaptxt also includes a handful of amazingly useful features.

At the time of writing the Olympics are about to start. It also comes with a handy option to post writing straight to Twitter or Facebook without having relevant apps. Adaptxt is really an innovative and smart keyboard, plus one of the best we’ve come across.


Like SlideIT and Swype, TouchPal includes a swipe-based structure on top of the standard keyboard. This one have a beautiful sparkly trail animation at you swipe, making it look more like you’re picking a spell in Hogwarts than typing out words on your phone.

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TouchPal’s big scoring point is its “Curve” forbidding text, which means you don’t have to wipe out hard words in full for it to finish them. In theory, this makes typing text faster, but in practice, it led to woefully wrong sentences: “lets” makes “let’s” (annoying for grammar fiends) and “alter” makes “Adler”.

Better executed is its ability to identify automatically which language you’re typing in based on the installed references: it worked well suitable for a few bilingual messages. Another nice feature is that numbers plus punctuation marks are sorted by swiping up and down on the related keys, rather than long-pressing them, making their input faster as well slicker.

5. SlideIT

SlideIT takes its character from Swype, by which we mean it totally copies it. The swipe-based data is primarily the same, representing your keyboard doodles into words with a relatively decent degree of efficiency.

But SlideIt has something unique to set itself apart from its parent and opponent. It’s quick – if gimmicky – feature is the ability to “draw” numbers as well characters on a virtual laptop-style touchpad. It just about works, but it will be better if it was able to capture the full alphabet with this method. This touchpad is also committed to a tiny corner of the screen. SlideIT’s initial layout feels tacky plus overdone, with hard-to-read “3D” keys.

6. Swype

The first swipe-based keyboard is still the best. It comes already installed on some Samsung phone, but if you want to get it on another phone, you’ll have to jump over a few hoops as it’s not available in the Play Store. Visit on your Android phone, and follow steps there to sign up including downloading it.

Once it’s installed, you’ll find a smooth plus accurate swiping action, which can even run out which words you’re trying to record if you miss the letters by distances. It’s got a host of extra characteristics, such as handwriting identification (which works) plus some cool shortcuts.

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Speech perception is also included, but this is Swype’s weakest feature. The sign is that Swype’s in beta, which means it may yet have a few error, but also makes the speech perception failing excusable.

That’s it guys, that was some of the best keyboard apps for Android now available, rated according to their features and usability!


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