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Joyoshare HEIC converter the best option for your iOS files

There are several platforms we use and several devices that work on these platforms. Given the fact that the not all devices and platforms use the same format for handling the files. Apple’s iOS platform can be a prime example from that point of view. It uses HEIC format for the images and as such, you may not be able to find it compatible with most other platforms. How would you have access to these files on other devices? Well, Joyoshare HEIC Converter is a prime example.

Why Need a HEIC Converter?

The iOS platform uses HEIC format for storing the image files. The HEIC format – High-Efficiency Image Codec – is a new file format on Apple platform. In fact, it is one of the best and efficient file formats. One of the positives with the format is the ability to save high-resolution images in a smaller form factor. The great quality in a smaller package should be one of the factors you would indeed appreciate.

But it has a downside as well. The format is not supported on most image readers. In fact, it isn’t even supported on OS X or Mac platforms as well, leave alone Windows. That is exactly where you would need a tool like Joyoshare HEIC Converter.

Joyoshare HEIC Converter – An Overview

Joyoshare HEIC Converter is known for its converters. The HEIC Converter fits into its multiple converters list efficiently. As has been the standard practice with all Joyoshare tools, the easy to understand interface is what makes it one of the excellent choices.

Joyoshare converter

The converter excels with its lossless conversion process. The tool is capable of converting the files between multiple formats Feel free to convert your HEIC files into JPEG, PNG, GIF, BMP and many other formats.

Features that make it Great Tool for HEIC Conversion?

What would make it an excellent option for your needs? Well, we thought of listing out a few features we liked the most –

The User Interface Par Excellence

In fact, it’s the clean and easily understood UI that would attract most users to it. One of the most legible designs you would ever find, and the fonts too are quite well done. The Blue colored background could have been changed though to something lighter.

Lossless Conversion

Well, that’s what every user would look ahead when converting an image format into another. In fact, the HEIC format is best meant for saving your memories in high quality. You would definitely not like finding the quality lost or compromised during conversion. Joyoshare handles this issue efficiently.

One-Click Conversion

Compared to the other HEIC converters currently available, Joyoshare Converter supports a wider range of formats. The advanced image encoding processing technology ensures an excellent conversion quality. The one-click functionality can detect the HEIC files stored on your PC and add them to conversion list. It also lets you use a drag and drop option for adding your images for converting them to your preferred file format.

Batch Conversion

Well, you have other tasks in addition to converting your HEIC files and Joyoshare understands it. That is precisely why it has added a batch conversion option as well. This would let you add the files to convert and then start converting them in one go. You can continue with your other tasks while the tool converts your HEIC images in the background. Isn’t that a great way to get the task done in bulk?

Set Your Own Quality for the images

The Joyoshare HEIC converter lets you convert your HEIC files to your preferred format without altering the quality and resolution of the images. However, there are times when you would need a different resolution. The tool lets you change the quality to a format that you would want to.

Some other features that you would love with Joyoshare HEIC converter can be summarised as

  • Ease of use interface makes it an excellent choice.
  • The fastest ever conversion process compared to the competitors.
  • The paid users would get lifetime free updates.

How to Convert HEIC images into JPG?

Well, you may device your own strategies for the easy conversion options. However, the following tutorial has been to give you a fair idea of how you would be able to convert the HEIC file format into JPG (or other formats).

Sync Your HEIC images to your PC

It would be quite easy to opt for the conversion if you sync your HEIC library with your computer. This will ensure that you will not have any issues with choosing and adding the required files to the HEIC converter.

Add files to HEIC Converter

Launch HEIC converter and add your files to the converter. You can either drag or drop the files into the interface or use the + sign to add the files to the conversion window. The second method would let you add multiple files at once.

Joyoshare image converter

Choose Output Format

Choose the output format of your choice. Click the Format option to choose the format of your choice. You may also choose the quality and resolution of the converted image. You also have options if you want to keep aspect ratio or keep the EXIF information.

Joyoshare converter

Begin Conversion

Once you have finished setting up your conversion preferences, it is over to the software to begin conversion of your HEIC images into the preferred format. Just click on Conversion button at the bottom right and let the tool do its tasks.

joyoshare Converter image processing

The Pricing and Plans

The tool offers you three plans to choose from. You may opt for one of the plans that meet your needs.

Annual License

The plan charges would be $ 9.95 per year per PC. You will be entitled to one year free updates and support.

Family License

This is a lifetime plan and is available on 2 to 5 PCs. You can assure of lifetime free support and upgrades. The plan charges are $ 19.95.

Unlimited License

The plan can be available for a lifetime and offers complete freedom of recurring charges. You get assured lifetime free updates and support. The plan charges are $ 29.95.

In addition, you also have access to a free plan with limited functionality. You can opt for the free plan and get used to the features before making a decision to opt for the paid options.

In Conclusion

Well, that was all we have about the capable HEIC converter you would ever get on a Windows platform. And yes, we forgot to mention that the tool is also available for Mac as well. The one-click option for the conversion and the batch conversion functionality should make it one of the greatest choices for all your needs.

We are aware of the quality standards that Joyoshare follows in its products. You can be assured of the same quality of standard on this tool as well. Do use it once and we are sure you will never move away.

Joyoshare HEIC converter
  • Features9.0
  • Interface9.0
  • Pricing9.5

Joyoshare HEIC converters work pretty well & available for both windows & iOS. The one-click option for the conversion and the batch conversion functionality should make it one of the greatest choices for all your needs.

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