Wednesday, 15 Aug 2018
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Iphone X

The aim was to create an iphone which is entirely screen. This can respond to a tap, your voice and even the glance with the iphone X, that vision is now bought in reality.

Design and the Display of the screen

Iphone X is been designed with the super retina display, it is introducing the all new 5.8 inch super retina screen which fills the hand and the dazzles of the eyes.

iPhone X Full Specifications

It is bought up with the innovative technology in order to precisely follow all the curves of how it is been designed. In all the sides elegantly rounded corners.

It is been provided with OLED which is been designed for iphone X. it’s the first OLED screen which rises to the standards of the iphone, provided with unique accurate stunning colors, complete true blacks and it’s been bought with high brightness and then 1,000,000 to 1 contrast ratio which is just amazing.

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It has a tiny space house for some of the most sophisticated technology where ever developed, even including the cameras and the sensors which can enable the Face ID.

The unique new design with the most durable glass ever in the smartphone, front and back both the sides.

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The surgical grade with the stainless steel and the wireless charging. Iphone x is water and even dust resistant.

It has the best intuitive gestures, as the familiar gestures can make the navigation even more natural. Instead of pressing a button, just a single swipe can take you home from anywhere you are.

Camera of the iphone X

Iphone X is bought up with the true depth camera system houses the sophisticated cameras and even the sensors for the new capabilities which are only possible with the iphone X

It has the amazing innovation in the minuscule space as an intricate system of the powerful technologies works provided with A11 bionic in order to enable the face ID, the selfies and the different portrait mode and the Animoji.

One of the best features in this is the face ID, your face is your secure password.

A revolutionary authentication system in the iphone X will begin with the data captured which is by the true depth camera.

The sensors can read the best unique geometry of your face and then compare it to the information protected by the secure enclave to the A11 Bionic chip. If t matches the iphone unlocks.

The portrait mode for the Selfies is just incredible, as you can shoot selfies with a depth of the field effect which can put your face in the sharp focus against the artfully blurred background.

It has the improved cameras with the larger and the faster 12-megapixel sensor and even the new telephoto camera with the IOS.

Battery life

It has the best power efficiency, A second generation performance controller and the custom battery design which can last up to two hours longer between the charges than the iphone 7

Amazing Wireless Charging

The best part is the wireless charging with no cable required, the iphone X is truly designed for the future of the wireless.


The Iphone X will cost around 1,02,000 INR in India & in USA it’s $999. 

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