Wednesday, 15 Aug 2018
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Iphone X Vs Samsung Galaxy S8

The New iphone X, Its all about the change for the apple with the unique latest flagship which is been designed completely new.

It is been provided with the amazing screen, a very vastly improved specs and multiple of new features in addition.

Iphone X is just doing fantastic but it is just not the handset which is been introduced this year with a very tough competition the Samsung Galaxy S8 has a major head start.  

Samsung S8 vs iPhone X

It is come out with the large screen, best design and lots of high-tech features in it. So the Iphone X and the Samsung Galaxy S8 is just an ultimate face off.

So let’s go ahead and check which is the best

Iphone X design Vs Samsung Galaxy S8 Design

  • The iphone X has a bigger screen to body the ratio.
  • Iphone x is quite smaller
  • Iphone X and the Samsung Galaxy S8 both offer the IP environmental protection.
  • Both of the devices do have the glass at the front and the back, which is also been provided with the metal edges.

In Brief about the Samsung Galaxy S8 design

It is been constructed with the metal core and the unique glass to the front and the rear of the phone. 

Samsung Galaxy S8 is been offered with the gorilla glass 5 for both front and the back for the protection against all the scratches or stuff in times of accidents while the construction does provide IP68 protection which is for the water resistant and the dust resistant.

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Samsung Galaxy S8 has the dual curved infinity display and it is been measured 148.9 x 68.1 x 8.0mm and the device weighs around 155g.

In brief about Iphone X

The measurement of iphone X is 143.6 x 70.9 x 7.7mm so here we can know that it is smaller when compared to the Samsung Galaxy S8 and in weighing it is heavier as it is 178g.

It is given with the surgical grade steel instead of the aluminum for all those edges. It provided IP67 protection. When we compare the design the design of the iphone X is almost similar to the design of the Galaxy S8.

Display of Iphone X VS the Display of Samsung Galaxy S8

  • Iphone X and the S8 both of them features the 5.8 inch OLED display.
  • Both of them offers the wide aspect ratios.
  • The S8 offers the dual curve to the edges.
  • When compared to iphone x the Samsung has a higher resolution.
  • Both have the best support of HDR.

In Brief about Samsung Galaxy S8

When we compare the ratio of both the apple’s ratio looks more like 19:9 when compared to the Samsung 18.5:9 both have few similarities. Speaking about OLED the increased contrast and the blacker blacks.

It’s a long been the trait of the Samsung displays and the Galaxy S8 is yet the best among all. The S8 offers you 2960 x 1440 resolution, with the 570 ppi and the brightness comes to over 1000 nits.

In brief about Iphone X

The best of the apple is the true tone technology which is rolling over the iPad pro. It could avoid the criticism that the S8 often faces of being slightly too saturated with the colors on its phone.

Camera of Apple iphone X Vs the Camera of Samsung Galaxy S8

  • Iphone X has the dual camera
  • It is been provided with the Dual OIS
  • Samsung has a wider aperture when compared to the iphone X

Being specific about the camera iphone X has a very distinct merit, the Samsung’s older galaxy s8 does not have the dual camera if you are looking for 12-megapixel dual pixel sensor.

Iphone X has really a wide angle and the best telephoto camera. It is offering both 12 megapixel and even the optical image stabilization.

S8 camera is an amazing performer it is pretty good in the low light and it is much dependable, but when you compare it in the optical zoom from the telephoto lens and the range of clever features like the portrait lighting the iphone X is much better on the features.

Price Comparision

Samsung Galaxy S8 is cheaper when compared to iphone X. Samsung Galaxy S8 costs around Rs 58,000 ( 64 GB ) & iPhone X costs Rs 89,000.

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