Wednesday, 15 Aug 2018
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Iphone 8 Design, Price & Full Specifications

Iphone is been bought up with all new glass design. The best thing is that the world’s most popular camera is even better now. Iphone 8 has the smartest and the best powerful chip in it. The wireless charging which is completely effortless. It’s bought up with the truly new generation of iphone.

Design and Body

How can u just design an iphone out of the durable glass which can let you for wireless charging ??? An iphone formed from glass, it’s the most durable glass ever in a smart phone.

It’s just amazing both front and back of the device. A color matched the aerospace grade aluminum band. New space gray, silver and gold finishes which are just posh. The front and back feature custom glass with 50% much deeper strengthening layer. 

iPhone 8 & 8 Plus

The new unique substructure and the stronger, aero space grade 7000 series aluminum band which can provide you much more reinforcement. It is been provided with an oleophobic coating which will let you easily wipe off smudges and the finger prints. These things can make a glass look even more interesting.

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Best Water and Dust Resistant

The body is been designed in such a way which is completely safe to resist from the water and dust. So there are no complications which may occur. It is been engineered at the microscopic level in order to protect against the water, splashes, and the dust.

Incredible Wireless Charging

The best part of iphone 8 is the amazing wireless charging. The glass back will enable you to charge easily wireless. We always intended iphone to be completely a wireless device, which can be free from the charging cables and even the headphone cords. 

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With the glass back and an embedded wireless charging system. Iphone 8 is just been designed for a wireless future.

Dynamic Stereo Speakers

The iphone 8 is been redesigned with the best stereo speakers which are up to 25% louder and delivers you the deeper bass. You can just raise up the volume and enjoy the clarity sounding music, videos and the loudspeakers with the high quality.

Iphone 8 is Safe and Secure

Iphone 8 is been provided with the touch id as your finger print is your secure password. You can just use it instantly to unlock your phone and even when you want to sign into any of the apps which you want to use, there are no other complications.        

Retina HD Display

Retina HD display which is much fantastic than ever before with the true tone, unique wide color gamut. It is been provided with the 3D touch.

So here the true tone technology will let it automatically adjust the white balance to match the light around you and this offers you better viewing experience in all types of environments.

The Worlds Best Camera which is now even better

The iphone 8 is been featured with a much advanced 12mp camera with the larger and faster unique sensor. Iphone 8 will offer you the new color filter, the deeper pixels and even the optical image stabilization for all the photos and videos that you take.

The iphone is been provided with the portrait mode wherein it becomes more naturally blurred backgrounds. It has the best optical zoom. The telephoto lenses of the iphone 8 will enable the optical zoom, even the digital zoom of up to 10x for photos and 6x for videos. The portrait lighting effects can offer you

  • The natural light
  • The studio light
  • The counter light
  • The stage light mono

The front camera is been offered with 7mp with the retina flash with the wide color capture. It gives you the perfect selfie.


Iphone 8 in India will cost you around Rs 64,000 ( $799 ) 64 GB Version.  

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