InvizBox 2 – Online Privacy and Security, Simplified

What is InvizBox 2 all about?

InvixBox 2 is all about the online privacy and the security without any compromise.

The InvizBox 2 and the Invizbox 2 Pro is about letting you secure all your internet traffic and then even providing you the speed and the best convenience which you actually need. You can just connect this to your home router and it can look after the rest. 

You have access to connect it to the Wifi and even the other internet traffic which can encrypt. It will ensure you the safe and secure privacy and the security.

In Brief about the product

For now, already we have 2 successful crowds funded the products, and then providing you 1000”s of satisfied customers all around the world. This InvizBox 2 can protect any of the devices which are in your home without any compromise and offering the best of it.

InvizBox 2 Online Privacy

All you have to do is just simply connect your laptop, your phone, and the smart TV or any of the device that may be which is over the wifi or the Gigabit Ethernet. So these things can make all the devices in your home safe and secure.

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The Best Features of InvizBox 2

Total Protection for all the devices

  • you can use this device in your home 24/7 in order to protect all the wireless device which is in your home.
  • Here you can connect it to the Smart Tv, Laptops, phones and all other devices connected with Wifi.
  • Once you are connected everything is completely safe and secure.
  • Your device can be safe from being tracked and even profiling by the people governments, companies and the hackers who you would neither know or trust.

InvizBox 2 is for everyone

  • It is capable enough to segregate the traffic from each connected device that means your streaming will not slow down anyone else’s download or it may be gaming or anything as such.
  • It can offer its best to everyone.

Connect It with Home 24/7

  • You can couple your InvizBox 2 or the InvizBox 2 Pro with an provided InvizBox Go.
  • You can very securely connect it to your home network from anywhere in the world which is simply great.
  • This is the only sure way to guarantee the streaming of the content from the home which you have accustomed to and also paid for.

Best Parental Controls

  • if You are planning for a family dinner without any phones so then you can enable or disable the internet access for any of the devices which will be connected to the Inviz Box 2.
  • You do have an option wherein you can set the time limits for the individual’s kids devices.

Amazing Ad Blocking

  • It has the Inviz Box 2 provided with the known list of the ad providers.
  • It can even optionally block all those domains for all of your devices by removing all the unwanted Ads.
  • It will automatically keep the list up to date so there are no any complications about the new ad providers coming online.

The Best Geo Unblocking

  • You can view the blocked content from anywhere in the world.
  • The InvizBox 2 and the InvizBox 2 pro will provide you the access to the TV and the sports and even the programming you otherwise having difficulty in reaching.
  • You can watch all your favorite online movies, sports shows when you’re traveling in the areas which can normally block the content.

Access to control your network

  • you can check with who is connected to your home network.
  • Block any of the devices which you don’t recognize through our app or any of the web browser.

Check Out the Kickstarter Page for more info –>> InvizBox 2 Kickstarter

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