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How to Improve Battery Life on iPhone? 10+ Tips

Every iPhone owner is familiar with the frustration of a dead battery. But what can you do other than lessening the usage of the iPhone? Apple is great at squeezing high performance out of hardware in the iPhones and that is one of the reasons of iPhone battery being comparatively small. The first generation iPhone had 1400 mAh battery, and seven years later, the sixth generation had 1810 mAh battery, although the iPhone 6S Plus has 2910 mAh battery offering. Here are a few great tips to improve the life of the battery of your iPhone.

How to improve battery life on iPhone?

Find out what is eating up your battery life

When it comes to saving the battery life, always check on apps which are draining the charge out of your battery. If you are an iOS 9 user, the following steps are for you.

  • Launch Settings App on your iPhone.
  • Select General by scrolling down.
  • Further, scroll to select Battery option.
  • Keep on scrolling to see which apps were the biggest battery drainers in the past 24 hours, or last 5 days.

If you can avoid that app or use an alternative for that, it’ll be a having a very big impact on your iphone’s battery life. For example, you can use Chrome browser instead of the battery eating Facebook app for browsing facebook. Do this for some apps and you can save a lot of battery life on your iPhone.

Clean up all the junk files to save battery life

The cache and offline files including images, snapshots, audio or video media information, etc. are created to boost up the files access on a temporary basis. But, over the time, these files occupy around 1 Gigabyte space absurdly. Every time you initiate an app, you have to wait for a long time for the loading process of these data to take place. During this time, your battery life is consumed more. Therefore, there is a tool called PhoneClean which helps you delete all kinds of junks and unnecessary files. Use this and delete those unwanted files and folders to save battery life on your iPhone.

Keep a check on the signal strength

The biggest culprit for drainage of battery life is usually a weak signal, but there is nothing much you can do about it. If you are located in an area with poor signal, then you might want to turn on the Airplane mode. Turning on the Airplane mode ends the constant searching which was draining the life of your battery. You must consider using Wi-Fi instead of cellular data whenever possible, as that gives a more stable connection and will stop the battery abuse trying to search for a signal.

Switch off the app notifications

Few apps spam you with unnecessary news. Many times you get notified of the things which you don’t actually need. Every one of these notifications is sucking down some battery life, so it is better to cut them off at the source. Head over to Settings, and Notification Centre and select any app you don’t want notifications from. Then select none under the alert style, and switch Badge Icon and Sounds off. This will definitely increase the battery life on your iPhone.

Change the settings of Display

Your display is very costly to power, so you might want to shut it down when not in use. Go to Settings, and General, and Auto-lock and check if you live in a shorter time before the auto-lock of the screen. You must also go to Setting, and Wallpaper and brightness and then switch Auto-brightness off to save some battery. Keep the brightness set as low as you can and adjust it again when needed. This will save a decent amount of power.

Animations must be stopped

There is no requirement of dynamic backgrounds and parallax, effects. Yes, they sure are fun but they are consuming your battery life. Select a static image. Go to Settings, and Wallpaper and brightness, and select Wallpaper, and switch Reduce Motion on in Settings, and General and Accessibility. Animations take a lot of GPU work, reducing that means more battery life for your iPhone.

Reduction in background refreshing

Many people think that swiping apps closed in the menu of multitasking is saving the power, but you must take a look in the Settings and General, and Background App refresh to make a difference. It is a big drain on your battery to allow the apps to refresh themselves. Go to the list and turn off everything unnecessary. Facebook, in particular, drains your battery life really quickly.

Enable your iPhone Low Power Mode

Introduced in the new operating system, Low Power Mode is an easier way to extend the life of your battery when it starts to get low. Your device lets you know when the charge goes down to 20%, and again at 10%, and allows you to turn the Low Power Mode at a single tap. Or you can also enable it by going to Settings, and Battery. By doing this, there is a decrement in the display brightness, optimizes the performance of the device, and also reduces the system animations. Features like Continuity, iCloud sync, AirDrop will get disabled. When the device is charged, the Low Power Mode turns off by itself.

Switch off Wi-Fi when not in use

Most of the people don’t have the habit of turning off the Wi-Fi when not in use. The Wi-Fi of your device, in this case, keeps searching for Wi-Fi networks to join. This consumes the battery life. So, it is better to turn it off to save the battery life of your device. There are two ways to turn off Wi-Fi on your device. Go to Settings, and WLAN, and Enable Ask to Join Networks on, and select WLAN to close it. The second way is to swipe up from the bottom of your screen to access Control Centre, and select Wi-Fi icon to close it.

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There are many other ways from which you can save the battery life of your iPhone and they are by disabling the location services, check email manually, upgrading to the latest version of iOS, turn off vibrations, disable Bluetooth when not in use, turn off the personal Hotspot when not in use, find the Battery Killers (for iOS 9 users), usage of content blocker in Safari (for iOS 9 users), optimize your settings, edit spotlight search by going to Settings, and General and Spotlight Search and erase everything unnecessary.


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