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How to use Tinder without Facebook?

Facebook actually becomes prevalent in almost all the websites, all the apps, and even all social media. As we all keep on browsing for different websites we all know that we hardly find the website without the like button.

And even many websites and the social media wants your facebook to go ahead for you to log in.

Many of the websites which we daily browse do not have their own sign ion protocols for their comment sections or even other user feedback functions, instead of that they ask you to link your facebook profile.

Anyways coming to the point we always don’t want facebook in everything we do. Mainly coming to some of the private or the personal aspects of our life and that’s the tinder usage.

How To Use Tinder Without FaceBook

Everywhere there are social logins, social commenting or even something like an app asking to access your profile and the friends, according to me sometimes it could be good to ignore and come out of your online presence, none other than when you are using the dating app “Tinder”.

How to Use Tinder Without Facebook

Every time once in a while it would be better to use the tinder without facebook linked to your account and that is what for I am here to go ahead and tell much about this “tinder without Facebook .“

The trick we go ahead works both on android and iPhone so you don’t need to worry about whatever mobile you are using.

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But firstly before we get into the topic we need to know why did tinder decide to force you to the link of your account, so there are all related questions in our mind that can you have the app delink the two services or else you will always force to have the two paired or what?

Why is the Tinder Linked to the Facebook?

As I have mentioned you firstly the Facebook have become so prevalent in our daily digital lives that it pops up notifications practically everywhere whether you do want it or not. In a very intelligent manner, the Tinder has piggybacked on the Facebook’s popularity of a lot number of reasons that I will go ahead in brief with that.

But even a little fact is that it does have helped the apps fast growth and even the adoption among your generations. So I would like to share you few reasons that why tinder requires you to link your facebook account.

Coming to the first reason is the general shield against the abuse. When you are required to use your facebook account to link to the Tinder most of the people do not fake who they are and create a new account. So this way the app basically does a quick, free, and an easy background check on you to make sure you are a real person.

The next is this, in turn, makes new and the prospective users more likely to trust the app that is the sign-up.

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So coming forward the next is if you use the facebook account you will already have a profile photo exist in it or even the multiple of images uploaded in it. So, therefore, the tinder can just use those photos without asking you to upload the new photos.

This states that it is actually easier for the user to sign up, so the app is automatically populated with your own profile photos and they are all those photos of yourself as you do use them on your facebook profile.

So this consolidates you a lot of things, because in this scenario instead of you trying to manage the several different social medias presences, so this make your facebook changes automatically carry forward to your kinder presence.

The next is that the app will ask you that if you want to allow that to see your contacts, and if you go ahead by saying yes then this will scan through your contacts and then try to match up with the people that will pop up in the app for you to rate.

This does come with the little bit of familiarity and mainly the “realness” of the people which you can know they are the friends of a friend.So telling about the above reasons it is a better thing to prohibit the people from using the tinder without the facebook as you can not use or get access to the key features of the app if you do not link it to another account.

Why should you mainly unlock the tinder and the facebook?

I have shared you few valid reasons for what tinder would want you to use the facebook to setup and even do link your account. According to me, it’s the trust if you are putting on a dating app which has the full access to all the dating history and backups of yours. These days there is

According to me, it’s the trust if you are putting on a dating app which has the full access to all the dating history and backups of yours. These days there is a tendency to be hacked. So main goal is I wouldn’t want these services linked and your information which can be shared across the platforms.

This lightly indicates me that it is quite easy for the NSA to get the access to your location, the dating profile and even all the pictures and many such things.

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Coming to the second thing or may be the second reason is that if you do not want to use the photos in your facebook profile for the tinder profile photo of yours. It has a concept called the register.

The Register is an essential to set of the norms used for the one group, which can change from group to group. In much of the multicultural studies, this is akin to the “ code Switching “.

Mainly the simple reason is that it is simply because that you do not want the apps snooping all around your contacts, the profile photos, and the friends. We all give up the little bits of our privacy for the convenience of the digital age.

Steps to Use Tinder without facebook

How can you fix it, there is an error occurred while requesting the token for the SMS verification this is actually a common thing when it comes to verifying your facebook account with the tinder through the setup process. So if you keep getting this error to try to use the following techniques to accept the SMS token.

Firstly you can try to force quit out the app. It means that double-clicking on the home button on the iPhone and even swiping the app up to close out the app for the good. So this should reset the SMS verification tool.

So if that does not works then you should try to delete the tinder from your facebook app in the settings. If you are using an iPhone go to the settings then apps and find get find the facebook. So just tap on it and delete the sync between those two apps so that’s the way so that they no longer communicate.

So the next is you have to try not to sync the two accounts again by the logging into your facebook account on the tinder app and check it if you are getting the same SMS error. Just make sure that you log in with the facebook account you want to link but not wontedly your personal account.

So this creating a new facebook account for the tinder account will help you great and this can be the best solution.

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