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How to Restore Deleted Photos and Videos from a Digital Camera

Cameras are the best devices to capture a memorable moment. Today, with a wide range of digital cameras, SLRs and point and shoot cameras available in the market, one can easily get high-resolution pictures with world class image quality. While professional photographers are spoilt for choice with a range of high-quality SLRs offered by many brands. Here we are giving some tricks to know How to restore deleted photos and videos from a digital camera.

A digital camera is a camera that encodes digital images and digitally and stores them for later reproduction. Most cameras sold today are digital and digital cameras are incorporated into many devices ranging from PDA’s and mobile phones.

Digital and film cameras share an optical system, typically using a lens with a variable diaphragm to focus light onto an image pickup device. The diaphragm and shutter admit the correct amount of light to the imager. However, unlike film cameras, digital cameras can display images on a screen immediately after being recorded, and store and delete images from memory.

If you incorrectly deleted photos and videos in your digital camera, or may be formatted the memory card, either on a computer or digital camera, or may be Lost photos when you are transferring them from camera to PC or some you might have deleted photos and videos without your knowledge.

If you are worried about the deleted photos and videos in your camera, then here are the solutions for it.

Here I suggest you some of the tools to restore the photos and videos in your digital camera.

Restore Deleted Photos and Videos from a Digital Camera

iCare Data Recovery 

If you have incorrectly deleted photos, either on a computer or digital camera, or may be formatted the memory card, either on a computer or digital camera, or may be lost photos when you are transferring them from camera to PC.

Now you can use iCare Data Recovery to recover the digital camera photos freely. This freeware supports easy recovery of files in various formats, such as pictures (jpg, gif, png, BMP, etc), camera raw images (cr2, sr2, nef, dog, etc), audio files (mp3, Wav, AMR, WMA, etc), and video files (mp4, WMV, 3gp, etc). It performs data recovery on all popular hard disks and removable storage media, such as Western Digital hard disk recovery (internal and external), SD memory card recovery after quick format, CF memory card recovery, USB flash drive format recovery, etc. As we know, all digital cameras store data on a memory card. You just need to connect the card to the computer with a card reader and use iCare to scan the card for lost files. It is so simple very easy to use, you can recollect your photos and videos in your digital camera in a simple and quick way.

Asoftech Photo Recovery Software

Asoftech is a focused program which is specially programmed to recover the deleted, formatted or corrupted photos and videos from your digital camera. It supports all memory card types including MMC, Memory Stick, CF Card, SDHC and several file types.

The interface is bright purple, it is very easy and simple to use and even it will allow a personalized search, limiting file types for better and quicker processes. It will function very smoothly and restores the lost photo and videos.

To undelete files, simply launch the program and choose the mounted memory card. After that, specify the save path, click Start and all recovered data will show up. From the results page, you can also choose only certain photos or videos which you want to save on the personal computer.

A big drawback of Asoftech is the price, because even if it’s so good at recovering pictures but it is a paid software. i.e. you will have to pay accordingly. There will be a demo version will only find lost pictures and videos on a memory card, but it will not offer the possibility to save them. But the compatibility in the demo version is limited to four major file types: JPEG, BMP, GIF, and PNG.


PhotoRec is a powerful tool which can recover photos and videos from almost any device. It recognizes over 390 different file types and it works with every memory disk, hard disk or USB stick that exists on the market.

However, the interface may represent a big disadvantage for some users because the program runs in a DOS box or from a command line, which may not appear so user-friendly.

Once you have it, simply open the program and a menu will pop-up with a list of all storage devices that are connected to your computer, including hard drives, removable drives, and mounted cards. Then chooses the problematic memory stick and select search parameters, which can be for example Bruteforce that recovers more fragmented JPEG files or Low memory if your computer has crashed during past recoveries.

Next, select the place where you want to save all recovered pictures and wait because everything else is automated. In case the process takes too much, the program allows you to stop the operations and to resume later.

Besides the Windows version, PhotoRec is available also for Linux and Mac OSX and can be downloaded for free.


Recuva is a tool to recover a deleted photos in your digital camera, where Recuva represent a viable solution. This program is developed by Piriform. Recuva has a nice interface, user-friendly and a wizard that will guide you through the process of recovering pictures. It can make personalized searches for different file types, specific drives or enable a deep scan that will find pictures even on a damaged memory stick.

Below are the simple guide of Recuva, just fallow these steps and recover the lost data;

  1. Start the application and click Next on the Welcome to the Recuva Wizard page.
  2. Now choose the type of files you want to recover.
  3. Choose the location of the memory card from the File Location page and click Next.
  4. The next page allows you to select a deep search option, which is preferred in the case of a corrupted memory stick.
  5. Click Next and wait until the search finishes. Select the desired pictures and press Recover to save them on the computer.

once you complete searching, there will be a list with the found pictures is shown along with their health and other detailed information. Health refers to the fact that the picture was partly overwritten or not. Results can be also shown in a thumbnail view which will help to navigate between various results.

Besides major file types (JPEG, PNG, GIF) the program is able to recover. The interesting thing about Recuva is that it comes also in a free portable version.


CardRecovery is an application which is designed to recover files from memory cards used by digital cameras. It supports all main file formats and memory cards, from compact digital cameras (JPEG, PNG) used by common users to DSLR cameras ( which is in raw format) used by professionals.

The interface speaks for itself because everything is placed where it should be and the three step wizard will guide you through a very simple process. All you have to do is to enter the location of the memory card, choose the camera brand  ( may be optional) and the destination folder where to put recovered pictures.

It is an automated version and to browse through pictures you will have to wait until the whole process is finished. Developers are saying that for an 8 GB SDHC card you will have to wait approximately 14 minutes to complete a full search. The program also offers a thumbnail preview, only for JPEG pictures and unfortunately, it will show only six pictures on a page which can be a little bit discouraging when you are searching for a particular photo between hundreds of

CardRecovery is also available for Mac OSX and you can try before purchase. Developers offer a free version which will scan memory sticks and find lost pictures, but for the ability to save them.

SoftAmbulance Photo Undelete

SoftAmbulance Photo Undelete is a powerful tool specialized in recovering and repairing deleted or corrupted photos or videos in your digital camera. It can restore images directly from a wide range of digital cameras so that you will not need to take out the memory card and use it through a card reader.

The interface of the program is very simple and light because this program has implemented an intuitive, easy-to-use wizard which will guide you through all processes. Just select the desired device, press scan and it will locate all deleted or corrupted photos and show reviews of them so that you can choose which one should be saved.

If the memory stick is corrupted or damaged, SA Photo Undelete has the option of deep scanning, sector by sector, which will find any available pictures in no-time. The program also comes with a free evaluation copy which allows only previewing search and it will be a paid version.

This application is also able to recover pictures and videos from hard disk drives, DVDs, CDs and Blue Ray disks.  It formats like JPEG, TIFF, PNG, BMP and RAW are all supported along with other dozens of different file types.

EaseUS Card Recovery Wizard

EaseUS Card Recovery Wizard is a card recovery program that retrieves deleted photos, videos and audio files from any flash memory cards, USB or SD cards used by cameras and phones.

Connect the memory card to your computer and then open the software which has two modes: Deleted File Recovery and Deep Scan. While the first is for recovering all deleted photos or videos from a memory card, the second is used to recover from damaged or inaccessible storage devices. When the scanning is over, you can choose which pictures or videos should be saved. Easy and reliable. It is paid software and it is available for free demo.

Above is the few application to restore the deleted photos and videos from Digital Camera, So make use of it and recollect your pictures and videos.

Few tips to Prevent Photo Loss on a Digital Camera:

  • Be careful while using your digital camera, until and unless you never press a button unless you know what it will do.
  • Protect the memory card safely, but never let it bend it or soak it in water and take care of memory card by protecting it without a single scratch.
  • Do not keep the memory card connected to the computer for too long.
  • Do not shut down your PC without getting your memory card used on digital camera out of it, carefully remove the memory card from PC.

This is the Techniques to know How to restore deleted photos and videos from a digital camera.

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