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How to remove Memory Card Password

The memory card is one of the greatest inventions for the current generation. Even though it is a small drive to store our large digital files. Now a day’s usage of Memory card has increased dramatically in recent years. Users are using a memory card to store their files like music, videos, images, important documents or so on. When there are all data stores on a small device so everyone tries to protect it from others. And using a password is the best way to protect it from unauthorized access. Here is some Technique to know how to remove memory card password.

Meanwhile a password is the best way to protect our SD-card, at the same time it also creates problem when user forget it, as forgetting memory card password has become a frequent problem fo most of the users , and after forgetting password, we will lose the access to the Check out how to retrieve forgotten passwords of storage devices like password protected memory card whole memory card and its data.

Got memory card locked because of multiple attempts of providing the wrong password? Find out what can be done to unlock a locked memory card in case of forgotten passwords.

Free Memory Card Password Remover / Unlocker Many people create a password on their Memory Card for securing their data from other persons, but some time users forget their Memory card password and without a password, they cannot access their Memory Card data on Computer or any other Mobile. So they are trying to remove password manually but they did not get it done.

So today we are going to show you the easiest method to remove Any Memory card Password, Just follow the below steps to easily remove any memory card password.

Steps to Remove Memory Card Password

  1. First of all, you want download memory card password remover software.
  2. In software, Select the Card drive,
  3. Select option what you want to Format the drive or Remove Password etc.
  4. After that Select option click on Finish.

Now, If you unlock / format your Card easily in just two clicks Hope after following above steps you will easily Remove your password.

Here is one more method to remove memory card password:

Just Format your memory card when you are going to format your memory card it will ask you to enter password simply put password as 0000 and your card will be formatted and password is removed automatically, but if you are following this way then you will lose all of your data. If you have no any important data in memory then simply format the card but if you have any important data on your card then follow the above steps to remove Memory.

Well, now I will suggest you few Software application, where you can remove Memory Card Password by using the Software.

Password Reveal:

Password Reveal 2.0 is a nice application for when your memory tricks you. Sometimes, we tend to use our browser’s built-in feature that remembers our passwords for us. However, we not always write those passwords down to remember them. This application will reveal those passwords for you.

Access Password Recovery Professional:

Access Password Recovery PROFESSIONAL is an Advance MDB Password Recovery Tool, to unlock and unprotect MDB database password in 3 easy steps. Access Password Recovery software supports all versions of Microsoft Access 2.0, 95, 97, 2000, 2002, XP, 2003. Access Password Recovery PROFESSIONAL uses advance algorithms to scan password protected MDB database and recover original password in minutes. Access Password Recovery PROFESSIONAL has a very friendly interface, with complete illustration to show how software works to recover access database password. This is very powerful tool for database administrators to defeat MS Access security and quickly recover MDB database file.

Card Recovery Pro:

Card Recovery Pro is a handy tool that offers a fast and effective way of recovering files from memory cards.
Its most important advantage is its simplicity. It helps you recover files from memory cards in just 3 simple steps: connect the device, perform the scan to find the recoverable lost files and recover the files.

Password Breaker:

Password Breaker is a tool designed to force break the password from any program. It is very useful for situations when you have to access an application but totally forgot the password.

Here are the methods to remove Memory Card Password with PC and without PC

How to Remove Memory Card Password Without a PC?

To remove password use this method, you must arrange a Nokia N series or a Nokia E series phone, once you arrange a Nokia mobile then follow the below steps;

  • Insert your locked memory card in Nokia N series or Nokia E series phone.
  • And then format it as It will not ask for password
  • Your memory card will unlock. But drawback in this process, you will lose all of your data.

How To Remove Memory Card Password With PC?

Below are some fundamental methods to remove the memory card password with the help of a PC.

First Method: this method is for an Android users

For an Android device,  follows the below steps to remove memory card password.

  • First of all download ES file explorer from the store and open it.
  • Go to system folder and locate a file named mac store.
  • Then send that file to your PC or laptop via data cable or via any other way.
  • Open that file with notepad on your PC.
  • After opening the file, you will able to see your password there.
  • Now apply that password to open your locked memory card.

Second Method:

If the above process is not working, then you can follow this method. Follow this method when you only want to recover memory card, because with this method we are going to format the memory card.

  • Firstly insert that locked the memory card to your phone.
  • Now connect your phone to the PC via data cable.
  • Now right click on the memory card drive and then select the format. (It will not ask for password)
  • After formatting your memory card, your memory card will be unlocked.

Please Note – Use this method only when you don’t have any other choice, as this method will delete all of your data.

Third Method: 

If you are not an android user then you can follow this method. To use this method you need to arrange a Nokia s60 device and then follow the below steps.

  • Firstly, download any File Explorer app and install
  • Now insert your locked memory card in it. ( please do not open)
  • Then run File Explorer, and go to the path C: system.
  • Here you will find a file named mac store.
  • Rename mac store to txt
  • Connect your phone to the PC via data cable and transfer that file to your PC.
  • Open that file (txt) with notepad.
  • Here you will able to see your Password.

Above are the simple methods to How To Remove Memory Card Password, Just follow these methods and Remove / Unlock your Password.

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