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How to Recover Lost iPhone/iOS Contacts

Hello, people!!! In this article, I would like to share some methods to recover your lost contacts from your iPhone. As contacts play a major role for those who use any kind of phones. When it comes to iPhone, yes it is obvious that we all are so much dependent on contacts for many reasons such as to make a phone call, for sending message, emails and much more. Losing the contacts from the phone is something which everyone is worried about. So if you lose all your contacts accidentally then you don’t need to get panic. Follow the below mentioned effective ways to recover your lost iPhone contacts.

How to Recover Lost iPhone/iOS Contacts

  • Method 1: iTunes method to restore older backup contacts.
  • Method 2: Download and install Wondershare for windows or Mac OS.
  • Method 3: By using the tool Dr.Fone from Wondershare which available only for Windows.
  • Method 4: By using the in- phone feature that allows you to imports from your archive.
  • Method 5: By syncing with Google contacts or other cloud services.

Method 1:

iTunes method allows you to restore an older backup from when you started having your contacts. This is one of the easiest ways to restore your lost contact in just a few minutes of time.


1. Download, install and run the iPhone contacts recovery software. (Download from here)
2. Connect your iPhone to your PC.
3. Under Devices click Recover from iTunes Backup File.
4. Now the software will automatically find the entire iTunes backup from your PC.
5. Select the iTunes backup of your iPhones which you want to recover your contacts that are mentioned according to the device name, model number, and backup date. Now select Start Scan button to let the software analyse the backup.
6. Once the scan is completed you are allowed to select the contact that you want to retrieve and click Recover to Device or Recover to Computer to save the iPhone contacts.

Here you can see the following images for your reference:

restore lost iphone contacts

restore lost ios contacts

Tips, you can use an iPhone transfer software to manage and back up your iPhone contacts in case of data loss.

Method 2:

Here is one more method to recover your lost contacts where you can download and install Wondershare for your Windows or Mac. This method is used to recover any kind of lost data such as contacts, images or video files, important messages or emails, your call log history and much more.

Follow the below steps to recover from Wondershare:

1. Download and install Wondershare for windows or Mac.
2. Connect your iPhone to your PC.
3. Open Wondershare.
4. Now you can select which Backup you want to use.
5. Navigate to contacts tab and view all your backup contacts.
6. Here you n either copy paste all the contacts to your computer and import to your iPhone else you can preview the contacts and select which contacts you need to import to iPhone.

Method 3:

Dr.Fone from Wondershare is available for only windows users. This technique is used to recover the data when the user actually things that he has lost his data or by accidentally deleting them, all these data will be archived where the user can recover.

1. Open the tool and click on Start button.
2. Hold Power and Home buttons exactly for 10 seconds.
3. Release Power button after completing 10 seconds and do hold the Home button as such.
4. Now you will be entered into DFU mode where the program will automatically start searching for your lost data.
5. Once the search is completed click on the Contacts tab and you can preview and select the contacts you want to restore. There is one more option at the bottom where you can view the contacts which you have deleted previously.

how to restore lost ios contacts

Method 4:

Here by using an in-phone feature that allows you to import from your archive. This method is used by most of the people and it works well. This is one of the essential tools where you can restore all your lost contacts successfully. Follow these steps to for restoring your contacts:

1. Open Address book application
2. Navigate to Import.
3. Now select Address Book archive.
4. Here you will be able to see all your Address book data and now you can move it to the current location of the Address book and that you will be done with your restore process.

Method 5:

Here in this method, you can recover your contacts that are accidentally deleted. All you need to have is the Google account that saves your deleted contacts and the internet connection in order to restore them back.

For iPhones that run on iOS 7 and iOS 8 follow the below steps:

1. Navigate to settings and open Mails, Contacts and Calendars
2. Now select Add Account and choose Google
3. Here you will have to fill all the required information
4. Now you will see a list of options that you want to sync with Google, here you can switch on the Contacts option.

For iPhones running iOS 5 and iOS 6, follow the bellow steps:

1. Navigate to settings and open Mails, Contacts and Calendars
2. Now select Add Account and choose Other and select CardDAV Account
3. Fill the required information accordingly
User Name: your Gmail account
Password: your Gmail password.

Now when you open your contacts application the Google contacts sync will start and all the deleted contacts will be restored back.

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So, this is with all the methods for how to restore your lost contacts in iPhones. Follow one of the mentioned techniques to restore the lost contacts from your iPhone/iOS and Well make sure that you will never face any kind of problems if you lose your contacts.

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