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How To convert DVD to MP4

Gone are the days we depended on DVDs for our media consumption. In fact, the DVDs or any other physical media sources are dying a slow death. The transition towards the digital content has been one of the reasons that have forced the extinction of DVDs.

From that perspective, how would you digitize the DVD collection that you may have? Movavi Video Converter is one such able software that specializes in the task of converting a DVD into MP4 format. We will learn how to convert a DVD into MP4 using Movavi Video Converter.

How To Convert DVD to MP4 using Movavi Video Converter?

Movavi has been a name to reckon with in the arena of video conversion and editing. The incremental updates have been introducing added features and making it one of the most capable video converter tools for all your needs.

How will we convert DVD to MP4 using Movavi Video Converter? Well, check this tutorial for a clear understanding.

Download Movavi Video Converter

You can get the installation file for the Movavi Video Converter official website. Choose the installation file depending on the operating system you are on. The software is available both for Windows and Mac.

Movavi DVD to Mp4 converter

Once the file is downloaded, click on the file and follow installation instructions.

Add the Video File You want to Convert

  • Launch your Movavi Video Converter.
  • Click on Add Media.
  • Choose Add DVD.
  • Click on Open DVD and add the DVD files.
  • Locate and choose the folder VIDEO_TS on your DVD

This will add the DVD to be converted to the software.

Choose a format for the Output file

Once the video has been added, go to the Video tab and locate the group of MP4 files. Choose a resolution of your choice. You have a sufficient choice of media formats depending upon your preference.

Convert Your Video

Before you can begin converting the DVD, you need to look for the output folder. Follow these steps

  • Click on the Folder icon to choose the folder to which you would want to save the file to.
  • Click on Convert.
  • The conversion process will now begin.

That does it. You have successfully converted your DVD into MP4 following a simple method.

The Salient Features of Movavi Video Converter

Well, Movavi is a capable Video Converter tool for your needs in video conversion. Apart from letting you convert your DVD to MP4, the tool also offers you several other features and functionalities making it an excellent application in itself.


Video Conversion is the major feature of the Movavi Video Converter. Today, we have hundreds of different devices and each of them need specific formats and resolutions for a proper functionality. Movavi understands this and possibly that is exactly why they support over 180 different formats. Some of the formats supported include the most used ones like AVI, MP4, FLV, MKV, MOV, WMV, and 3GP.

The application also supports the latest formats like Full HD, and 4K UHD. The converter also lets you convert popular audio formats like MP3, FLAC, AAC and other popular formats. That should make it possible to extract audio from your video files.

Creation of GIF files

The Movavi Video Converter also lets you create GIF files. Maybe that is something quite unheard of in most of the video converter tools. In fact, Movavi Video Converter can also be used to create 3D video clips from your existing videos.

Video Editing

This is yet another feature that would make Movavi Video Editor one of the prime choices and practically your one-stop solution for all your needs related to videos and their processing. Some of the editing options you can access with Movavi Video Converter include trimming your video, merging files, tweaking them as per your exact requirements. The video editor feature would also let you add subtitles and watermarks as well.

High-Speed Conversion Performance

Movavi Video Converter provides you faster video conversion functionality in comparison to the most of the competing products. The SuperSpeed mode available on Movavi Video Converter would offer you up to 79 percent faster video conversion performance.

The faster conversion would not cause any negative impact on the quality of the final product though. You can be assured of a complete lossless video quality. If your system has NVIDIA CUDA, NVENC, and Intel HD Graphics acceleration, the conversion time would decrease by another 6 percent.

Online Share Functionality

Online sharing is yet another feature that has been made easy – thanks to the built-in share feature on the software. The downloaded and edited videos can instantly be shared through the embedded share functionality. The files can be easily uploaded to social media sites or any other platforms with ease.

In Conclusion

The exceptional features and the functionality are a few features that would make Movavi Video Converter a great tool in itself. One of the features, apart from those we outlined above, that impressed us is the ability of the tool to assess the CPU usage and processor core capacity.

Based on these calculations, the software can easily process more than one video files and convert them simultaneously. In fact, the software is capable of procession two four files simultaneously if the CPU and processor permit.   

We would consider it the most capable and versatile video converter tool given its multiple features and capabilities. The SuperSpeed video conversion and the capability to extract the audio from your videos should be the points that would keep completely different and unique in comparison to all other software tools you may have used in the past.


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