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Hide Files & Folders in Android Without Any App!

Are you planning to hide your file and folder in your Android device? You might be planning on going, you can hide files and folders in your Android device without using any application!

Hiding your folder and files will help you to have a privacy about your data. The file holds set documents in a Folder , which it contains documents and files which has content in it . When you are planning to hide your file and folder to secure your data from your Android device without using any app, then you must be aware of your Android device which has a setting to secure your personal data with a security Key or Pin, this can be used to completely lock the device, but it’s not always a good choice!

Now a day’s Smartphone ends up having the ability to keep some content, such as photos and videos, out of their sight could be considered as very essential need due being Linux-based Android device have already offers a primitive, and totally working solution for making certain files and folders accessible only to a file manager application.

Hide Files & Folders in Android Without Any App!

It is not as simple, but it will also spare you from searching for a file hiding app. There are few setting that you need to be aware of it by following guide and get complete information regarding the application manager .
Here are the few simple step to fide your file and folder without using any other app :

Method 1

  • The first step what you need to do is Just create a new folder and put a dot in front of its file name.
  • This basically tell Android to forget this folder and never look inside of it.
  • Only file managers and specific system apps are aware of its existence.
  • This means files hidden inside does not display in the gallery, multimedia players, e-mail clients, office editors and any other files.

Method 2

The second method to hide the media files within an already existing folder is by creating a .nomedia file inside it. As this file do not have any extension or any content. It is a simple empty file called ‘.nomedia’ without the quotations.

This option will hide all media files (pictures and video) from any app which tries to interact with them and it personalise the data file .

Steps :

  1. One your device file manager, create a new folder with (.nomedia) without the bracket.
  2. Move the entire folder you want to hide into your newly created folder.
  3. The folder will disappear from where they were saved before.

NOTE : Make sure you will be enable viewing of hiding files and folders inside your File Manager, as because you will not be able to reach your files otherwise. Actually, the hardest part of the whole hiding ordeal is finding a File Manager you enjoy using. If your phone or tablet doesn’t come with one, try ES FILE EXPLORER as it is completely free and fully-featured which supports 30 languages, and it rates really high on Google Play. It has a bit of a learning curve, but it’s a polished app worthy of attention.

Hide Folders Or Video On Android Without Any App?

There will be some personal stuff which you don’t want to share with others and those you wanted keep personal. All because of privacy you use app password to protect your personal folder on your Android device. But when you hide it on your Android device nobody can ever know whether you have anything personal stuff or not .

But when you hide a folder on your Android without any app, nobody will get to know or have a thought of your idea. And even if they know that you have hidden some of your personal stuff they cannot guess the name of the new folder or file.

Logically if you want to hide a folder or folders on your Android, hide it without app or use a popular app so that others will not get to know Much about rather than the default functions .

How To Hide Folders, Files, And Media On Android Without App.

Here are the two means that you can use to hide folder on your Android device. One, you will be able to hide folders on your Android without app and the second procedure and other is you will learn how to hide Android app using the popular ES file explorer.

First method

With this you can hide folders videos / media /files on your Android without app or using ES file explorer.

1. On your device file manager, create a new folder with (.nomedia) without the bracket.
2. Move the entire folder you want to hide into your newly created folder .
3. The folder will disappear from where they were saved before and your files will be safe and secured.

Second Method

If you dont have ES file explorer before, just download the current version of ES file explorer from the Google Store and install it on your Android device.
Follow the steps below to hide any Android folder / files /video using ES file explorer.
1. Install the Ex file explorer app on your Android
2. Click and hold on the folded you want to hide and tick it .

These steps will help you to store and safe your folders and files .
Some of the files and folders will be hidden and the user will be searching for the hidden files and folders, so before using the hiding application in your android device first you should be aware of the difference among “hidden folders” and “inaccessible folders” :

Hidden folders : names start with a dot, e.g. /sdcard/.android_secure .

These files you can see enabling the “hidden files” option in file explorers.

Inaccessible folders : Inaccessible folders cannot be seen due to lacking permissions,
e.g. those in /data.

To secure your application data, those folders belong to the corresponding application, and are only accessible by the app . Check out for closer information on those to make those visible, you need root access on your device, and a file explorer supporting that it .

These are the Methods to hide your folder and files, where you can protect your data in the folder and you will have privacy by hiding the folders .

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