Wednesday, 15 Aug 2018

Glow – The Smart energy tracker for your home

What is GLOW?

Glow is a device which helps you to reduce your electricity bill and gives you notification alerts as well. Glow is known as the world’s first ambient home energy tracker which can act as your power saver and the best company to help you to reduce the use of electricity. 

Glow energy tracker

This Glow is bought up with a sensor which can measure the usage of the electricity which can be done wireless. This device has been designed in such a way that it notifies you with them in a home display which changes the color to let you know the electricity usage in your home.

Features of the Glow

Glow has been greatly featured, which can even be a part of your home

Glow provides you a very safe and secure installation, glow’s patent-pending sensor will be attached to your utility meter box with in no time. So you don’t find any complications while you install it.

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The major feature which I want to specify is the wireless sensor, it is given a magneto-resistive technology which can measure the usage of the electricity of your home, which is done wireless.

It has a quick set up, it can hardly consume 5 to 10 minutes to get done with all the set up you do, it’s very simple.

One of the best features which I have to mention is that the device is provided with the Smart Energy indicator, it is like the soft LED light on the top changes the color and that is depending upon the electricity usage and the light gets low automatically during the night times.

The glow device also offers you the snooze button, it can be a great advantage for you where in you can just tap on the Glow button if you want to snooze the light for 2 hours.

The very best feature all of us can be happy with is the Ultra-low power usage, it’s really amazing that the energy which the entire glow system consumes to have a track is very less, for instance, I can tell that it consumes less electricity than a LED bulb. It is just super cool.

Features of the Glow App

This app can work great with both Android devices and the IOS devices.

It has been featured with the remote energy monitoring, that is you will be provided access to monitor your home’s electricity usage where ever you are, you can monitor it from anywhere and that is one of the best features.

The major feature of this app is the energy usage alerts, as you will be receiving the notifications of high electricity usage so that you can control the usage. This feature is one of the major things which can reduce your electricity bill.

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It is featured with the Cost forecasting, where in the glow can tell you the approximate electricity bill based on the recent usage of the electricity.

Spending goals are an interesting feature, as you can tell the glow how much electricity should be used and it will help you to use it within your limits. It can take the responsibility of tracking the usage.

The app is also featured with the smart home integrations.

As we all know measuring how much energy is used every day is not a thing which can happen, but with this glow, you can see the exact energy your home is consuming.

In many of our homes, a whopping 30% of the electricity consumed will be gone waste which will not come to our notice and we keep paying the electricity charges which is wasted.

This glow will notify you about the electricity usage then and there so you can stop the unnecessary use of energy immediately and save power. Glow will make sure that you stay on track.

Glow mobile alerts

If you have left the induction stove on or the fan running, you can get to know about it from the notification to your phone.

The glow app will provide you all the details of the energy usage then and there on the go itself. And while you start getting the notification alerts you can get to know the unwanted usage of electricity and stop it right away to reduce your electricity bill.

How exactly is this glow working?

The device has been designed and developed in such a way that it can measure the electricity usage without putting your hand in any of the electricity meters.

So this works like the self – contained sensor will be attached to the outside of the electricity box of your home and that senses the electricity usage of your home 24/7.

It is the magneto-resistive sensing which was earlier popular for the consumer use in the smartphone. This glow sensor will send the track of electricity usage to your home wireless, and then that tracking will be checked and analyzed by the glow’s backend service.

So this is the way the Glow can keep a track on the usage of the electricity and then send the information to the glow app on your Smartphone.

You can get more info from Kickstarter official page here –>> Glow Kickstarter


Glow can act as the best fitness tracker of your sweet home. This can be the best way of saving your electricity bill, it is not only about saving your electricity bill.

It is not only about reducing your electricity bill, it is also about saving the energy and a step ahead to support the globalization.  

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