Wednesday, 15 Aug 2018

Gb WhatsApp- Use Two WhatsApp account in one Device

As we are living in the 20th century, in the era of conversion becoming so fast as the light travels, WhatsApp is the big thing in this communication industry, it is the platform where peoples can easily send messages, images, videos, and audios at free with their smartphones.

WhatsApp – A revolution in communication

As this android app uses the internet to send messages, therefore its cost is so cheap even lower than text messaging. Nowadays it adds some more user-friendly features like video calling and it enables the users to put images and videos to their status also.

Download GB WhatsApp Apk

Here one big thing also I will like to add is they are also going to launch its digital payment features mainly on UPI (Unified Payments Interface) based in India, while the current status is they kept the UPI payments features on the testing process by allowing some users to use it. But if you will believe in the sources, payments features will come around to all users in nearly around 2 to 3 weeks.

Now there are different types of modules available in the market, that will allow users to add some extra features in their original version of WhatsApp. Personally, I will say the best mod available on the market is GB WhatsApp.

GB WhatsApp

The official version of WhatsApp has some limits like it can’t enable the users to run two Accounts in a single device, they can’t have more emojis and also have a limit of 140 characters in their status features. While gbwhatsapp is the alternate versions of original WhatsApp with some added extra features.

It enables the users to run two WhatsApp account on a single device. It has one big unique features that it also allows users to download the media without loading it. The biggest trick you get through GB WhatsApp is you can also see the last seen of those who are hiding it.

How to download GB WhatsApp APK for Android

Before I tell about all the steps I would like to add one thing the biggest advantage of GB WhatsApp is you are able to download it without rooting your device, many others apps required to root the device before downloading. Now take a look at how to download GB WhatsApp APK for android step by step and we will also look how to install GB WhatsApp on your android device.

Step-1: Firstly, you will have to change the setting of your phone, for that click on setting then go to security setting and allow “Unknown Resources”.

Step-2:  Now you will search links for GB WhatsApp APK file in Google, you are easy to get many links, select any link on your choice and start downloading.

Step-3: After downloading the app, open the app and click on install.

Step-4: After installation process opens the app, it will ask for your mobile number so fill your mobile number here.

Step-5: Now, it will verify your phone number by asking to fill OTP (One Time Password), which they send through SMS on your phone.

Step-6: Now you are able to open the app on your phone and enjoy the cool features of GB WhatsApp on your phone.

So, these are the steps to download GB WhatsApp, I hope you will like this post very informative and able to use GB WhatsApp on your phone very smoothly.


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