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6 Games like Skyrim

What is Skyrim all about?

Skyrim is an open world action role-playing crazy video game which is been developed by Bethesda Game Studios. Skyrim is the fifth main installment of the Elder Scrolls series. It is the best and crazy game to play and have a great fun over it.

Similar Games like Skyrim

If you have already played the Elder Scrolls: Skyrim for a long period then you would know how fantastic the game can explore a huge world with multiple quests and the opportunities in it.

Skyrim Alternatives

There are a lot of games which are similar to the Skyrim but all may not be the best for you, so I have listed few top best games like Skyrim.

Here we go

Dragon Age

Dragon Age is an RPG game with an open world and complete action in it. If you had ever played the dragon games then you would know how amazing they are, and if you haven’t played any dragon games then I would suggest you choose this game because this is one of the top best game in the entire series.

This game works like you open up with the character of being powerful to seal off different breaches, there will be the demons coming into the world through the breaches and your work is to close all of them along with your party. It’s a good entertaining game.

The Gothic Series

Gothic is actually a little weird cousin to the elder scrolls, but this a little more amazing when compared to that. The Gothic will set you loose in a world which is been packed up with the hostile factions. 

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There is a huge number of fans for Gothic 1 and Gothic 2 which is the favorite for many people. But the Gothic 3 is just perfect and it is the best entertainment series which you can install.

The Conan huge number

Conan Exiles is been published and developed by Funcom Games which is the best open world survival game which will majorly pull out your analytical abilities. This game works like you will be exiled and then you must cater to your own survival. 

The Conan Exiles is been challenged by the Blazing heat and the unexpected enemies out there. The platforms this game can work great is the PS4, the Xbox One and the Windows device.

The Witcher Series

This game is all about the open world action role-playing video game which is been developed by from software. This game is full of complications and toughness in it. in this Witcher series, the decision what you take is what matters here. 

Here you will be traveling to many different unique areas to battle over the monster and that can really be a crazy defeat for you which you can go crazy with. There is a lot which you can explore in this game.

Kingdoms of Amaltraveling

an RPG game with the slash elements which are available for you on Windows (PC), Xbox 360 and the play stations 3. The Kingdoms is been designed and provided with five different game regions, four races to play and the three different class trees with each giving you its unique abilities to play with. 

In this game, the players do get access to the slow motion mode if it is required.

Middle Earth – The shadow of Mordor

The middle earth is the fantastic world with the lord of the rings. It’s all which happens between the lord of rings and the hobbit. This game can give you and explore you with full of world adventures. 

If you love Skyrim then you would love this game for sure. It is really worth having this game on your device.  

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