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Free manga drawing software

Everyone like’s Manga right? So in this article, we have listed out some of the best free manga drawing software.

Manga, which is the comics or Anime is created by Japan people. The Manga drawing software will make your work pretty easy and it’s faster than the traditional drawing like with paper and pencil.

Anyways this software is not for free. You can try this software about for thirty days but still, you have to pay for them.

The happy thing for you is you have some good free drawing programs available for you which really does a great job, that means it does exactly what you need them to do.

6 Best Free Manga Drawing Software

The only thing you have to do is select the best one which suits your drawing and needs and go ahead. I can share you with few free Anime drawing software which can benefit you to the best.

Free manga drawing software

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My paint

My paint is free drawing software. This was brought up mainly to work with the tablet pen pressure sensitivity. I can tell you few features of this:
• You can create your own configurations like configuring brushes like pencils, chalk, crayons and even charcoal.
• By using the above features this can give you the feel of painting and draw with traditional paper and pencil.
• It gives you all its best benefits of the digital drawing software.
• This software provides you with blending modes like luminosity, overlay, saturation and much more.
• It has move layers around.
• The best feature is symmetric drawing.
• This gives you a scratchpad for testing too.
• This lets you save your work as a scrap paper.
• This does have a large collection of brushes, it can create and customize the brushes to your likings.


This GIMP stands for GNU image manipulation program. It comes with few similarities of the photoshop which means it gives much priority to the painting and drawing.

I can share you with some best features of GIMP.
• This can create and customize brushes and the patterns according to their own likes.
• This comes with the transformation tools to rotate, scale and make the best changes of the drawings and image.
• It does have common selection tools namely ellipse, rectangular and the free selection.
• GIMP have a wide variety of supported file formats like JPEG, BMP, GIF, PSD, PMG and many others.
• This does support to the use of pen tablets.
• The major feature of GIMP is a capability to add the plugin’s to the further to expand its features.

Once you download the GIMP you can even find a lot of tutorials to use the software.

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Draw plus

Coming to the draw plus it is the graphic design software that you can also use it for drawing. You can get this draw plus in two versions, one is for free and another one is for the paid version which will have the better features.

So first let me come to the free version of draw plus, so the starter edition of draw plus, first you need to browse the website and register an account.

The next thing is once you are using this program you will be getting proverbs about few brushes and features which are not actually available in the basic version which you are using. And then you will be asked to upgrade the software to get more additional features.

You can try this and see which would be better for you.
Coming to the few features of this program:
• It is supported with pen pressure sensitivity.
• provides you with pencil, pen and the brush tool for drawing.
• Will have vector tools to create the lines, the curves, and the shapes.
Once you can check with the tutorial to start this draw plus.

Art Weaver

This is the best and the popular drawing and painting tool which can be great for the beginner as well as the experienced user. Both can find the art weaver easy to use. It is user-friendly. This is actually a paid version but there is also a free version available.

I will be sharing you with few features of it:
• It comes with the predefined brushes like the pencils, chalk, charcoal, crayons and the airbrush and much more.
• supports pen tablet.
• It comes with featuring of filling, cropping, and the selection tools.
• You can configure and create the brushes according to your own need and categorize them.
• In this, you can drag and rotate the canvases as you need.
• It does have a text tool wherein you can enter the text with the help of editable text tool.
Not all features are available in free version, some are only available in paid version.


Inkscape is the free vector based on the drawing program which does have few similarities to the popular Adobe Illustrator.I can share you with few feature of the Inkscape

• This has a tool for picking the specified colors.
• There are also few tools which let you upload your traditional drawings via scanner and convert them into the vector looking images.
• This can support you with the wide variety of different file formats which can be helpful for you like JPEG, BMP, GIF, TIFF, PCX, TGA, PSD, PMG and many others.
You can have a look at the tutorial and then decide to go ahead with this app.

Sumo Point

This sumo paint is completely featured painting and image editing application.Its priority is for the editing application.It features an active art community of over and above 570000 registered members and around 2000000 images.

It’s an app which as web’s most versatile collection of the image editing features which can blur the line between desktop applications like the Photoshop or the gimp.

Sumo paint has some features like
• 11 blending modes
• It can duplicate, merge and flatten the layers.
• It can rotate and even flip easily.
• You can zoom and Pan as well.
• It does have the professional painting tools like over 300 brushes, advanced options like the gravity and auto orient
• Has animated brushes and smudge blur, the sharpen, dodge and the saturation tools.
• It comes with the image enhancement tool, selection tool with undo support and multiple image transformation.

The version of it is 8.31 and it was last updated on June 26th, 2015.

If you are interested, here is a video tutorial on how to create a beautiful Manga page, have a look.

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