How to fix iPhone keep restarting issues with no data loss

Apple has been one of the preferred brands among smartphones. One of the issues you may be facing commonly is the reboot loop that your phone may be suffering from. Your iPhone keeps restarting is you are searching for the fix to sort it out. How to fix iPhone keep restarting issues with no data loss? We will guide you through the steps here below to help you fix the iPhone getting restarting issues easily.

How to fix iPhone keep restarting issues with no data loss?

The issue of iPhone restarting or stuck in reboot loop is quite common. A bad update or any malware that might have affected your phone may be the root cause of this issue. Your iPhone will boot up with Apple logo, then instead of booting up, it will restart again and the process repeats itself in a loop. There may be several reasons that cause this issue.

What Causes iPhone Restart Issues?

There may be many reasons that may cause the iPhone restart issues. It would be apt to understand the reasons for the issue before embarking on to check out the fixes to sort out the issues.

In most of the cases, iPhone restart issues can be caused because of a bad update. If your iPhone update process gets halted for any reason, it may corrupt the system files and thereby cause the issue to manifest itself. Even a completed update can cause the issue as well.

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A jailbroken iPhone is vulnerable to malware attacks and one such malware could have acted as the trigger to bring out the issue of iPhone restarting. One of the other reasons can be a faulty driver.

The Fixes to iPhone Restart Issues

Now that you are aware of the major causes that may be the root cause the iPhone restarting issues on your device, let us now move ahead to check out the ways to fix it. There are several methods suggested. We will check one of the easiest methods to fix the issue using iPhone recovery software.

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One of the easiest methods that may be helpful would be using a Force Restart. It will involve pressing Home and Wake/Sleep button simultaneously for 10 seconds. This should break the reboot cycle and boot your device. If for any reason, it does not solve the problem, you can follow the below mentioned procedure.

Fix Restart issue Using iOS Recovery without Data Loss

Well, most of the methods available to fix iPhone restart issue may make you lose your data. dr.fone recovery software for iOS devices is the best option you can go for if you do not want your data to be affected by the recovery process. We know your data is precious and thus there is a way you can do that without losing any data.

Follow the steps here below –

Download Dr.Fone Repair.
Launch the application you just installed.
Click on Repair option.

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Now, connect your iPhone to your PC or laptop using the USB cable or the lightning cable.
Wait till your iPhone is detected by the software. Once it does, click on Start button.

You will need to follow the on-screen instructions to put your iPhone into the DFU mode. The DFU mode refers to Device Firmware Update. The steps involved depend upon your iPhone model and OS version. Check the instructions on the screen and proceed accordingly.

On the next screen, provide the requested information about your model. You need to provide information such as phone model, firmware version, and other details.

The Dr. Fone tool will download the firmware from your model. Please note that you should not disconnect your phone from your computer during the process. Also, ensure that you have a stable internet connection.

After the firmware download is complete, click on Fix Now.

This should resolve the issue of iPhone restart issue on your iPhone. You will be confirmed of the success of the repair process once it is completed.

That should do it. Your iPhone should now boot into the normal mode. If you are not able to sort out the issue, you may need to use  Try Again option.

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Are There Any Other Options?

Well, if you want your data to be safe, Dr. Fone recovery is the best option you can go for. In fact, you can also recover iPhone messages using the tool. It has a suite of different tools meant for various repair options.

If your issue is not solved using the Dr.Fone iOS recovery tool, you may need to Factory reset your iPhone. Please note that this fix will reset your device to factory settings. There is no way you will be able to have access to your data if you opt for Factory Reset. All your data will be lost.

Before We Leave…

Those were a few fixes you can use to get rid of the iPhone restart issue if you are affected by it. However, please note that you should avoid installing apps from untrusted sources if you do not want the issue to recur.

What makes dr.Fone iOS Recovery one of the best options in sorting out the issues you have been facing with your iPhone is the protection from data loss that it provides. Apart from that, the suite also contains several other fixes of other issues you may be facing with your iPhone.

We are sure that the tips we have indicated in this resource should be helpful in getting your iPhone restart issue resolved without any data losses. In case you have any doubts, you may share them through the comments here below. We will either respond to your queries or guide you to the other resources available to sort out the issues you may be facing.

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