Fiton – World’s 1st Blood Oxygen Saturation Smartwatch

What is the Fiton Watch all about?

The main goal of Fiton is to Democratize Wellness. In order to start up the Fiton movement, it is been developed and combined the three major technologies. This Fiton watch is all about the combination of the smartwatch, a unique fitness tracker and it can act as the best personal health guidance.

Fiton Blood Oxygen Saturation

In fact, as we all know Fiton is the World’s 1st blood oxygen saturation smartwatch which is capable enough of tracking your vital conditions with comprehensive amazing functionalities all at a glance. And this Fiton app has a valid purpose for every part of your day, both the day and the night.

Amazing Facts about the Fiton Smartwatch

Fiton can be your personal fitness device which is ultra-portable, ultra-affordable and it is really user-friendly.

This Fiton is been provided with the water resistant rating of 50 metresIP68, that is it can be used for the shallow water activities like Swimming in an ocean or a pool.

To be specific Fiton can also be used for scuba diving, waterskiing, or any such related activities which involve the high-velocity water or submersion below the shadow depth.

Fiton is capable enough to track your Oxygen saturation(Sp02) which no others can do this, with the provided high accuracy built-in sensor the fiton is capable to be 99.99% accurate.

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In order to control your device via Bluetooth with the Fiton, liberate your hands so then you don’t have to break a sweat.

This is majorly a fitness tracker which provides the Sp02+HRV+Respiratory for the best 3 in 1 comprehensive fitness analysis and the guidance.

With the provided rich data the fiton can provide to a certain group of people who actually needs it, with the help of this people can even schedule their dial;y exercises like diving, swimming and climbing.

What are the best things to do with Fiton?

You can receive, react, remote do all these things through your fiton. While you are on the go, there is no necessity to let your phone slow down, as with this fiton you can control everything from your wrist so you don’t have to break a sweat. The best things to do with this are

  • The Message Notification

this fiton can help you with more than 150 languages and various application of the communication. It is all about showing the context on the watch without reacting of the phone.

  • Incall Hang Up

There is no distraction of speedy hang up annoying the unwanted calls, you can just get rid of all those stuff.

  • Remote Snapping

You can snap the shot from the distance, so there you can save your money and even the space for the selfie stick. 

  • Find your Phone

You can just find your phone via Bluetooth connection, so again you don’t need to surf on your phone. It avoids the risk.

  • Smart Planning Control

You can turn the screen on when palming the wrist upwards.

  • Timer and Stopwatch

The best thing with the fit on is it counts the time for your daily exercise same as the normal timer.

How Can this Fiton Help you in your workplace?

  • It can monitor your sitting time and then avoid the sedentary time.
  • Sedentary can be measured by the time spent sitting to the higher rates of the obesity, diabetes, cardiovascular disease and the premature death.
  • In your workplace, this can help you to manage your stress level and then improve your work efficiency.
  • At the workplace, more working can accumulate the stress on you, so when your stress is really high to the roof, you can take a break to relax for a while.
  • This Fiton can see your stress and then notify you to take a break.

For more information check out the official page on Kickstarter here –>> Fit On Kickstarter

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