Wednesday, 15 Aug 2018
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Efficient Ways to Exclude Various Types of Files From Windows 10 Search

Most users of Windows have a vast amount of content. When it comes to finding a certain file, people face troubles. As a rule, Windows 10 does not search the content of separate files. In the following article, you will learn how to modify your search parameters.

files search from windows 10
Windows 10 offers great functions to its users and Windows 10 Search is one of the greatest and widely used. Using this search function, it is unbelievably easy to find absolutely anything on your personal computer. However, some users have the sensation that this search function finds too many things.

Do you feel the same? Once you have started searching for certain content of your personal files on your PC, you get thousands of different files types as your search result. This can become a real challenge to sort all this vast information through. Windows 10 does it best to make this process as simple as possible. Now, you can exclude some file types from your search result.

Now let’s have a look how you can exclude certain types of files from your search results. Just follow these steps:
   1. Start with launching the menu “Start”.
   2. Search for “Index”.
   3. Open “Indexing Options”.
   4. Press the button “Advanced” and switch to the tab called “File Types”.
   5. The desired file type should be unchecked and it will not be displayed in your search results. If you are not sure what types of files are better for using, check the info on Wikiext.
   6. Once this is done, just press the button “OK”.
   7. Note that you will receive Windows warning that the process of rebuilding the index takes a certain amount of time. Simply press “OK” and wait a bit till the system makes desired modifications. In most cases, this process is not that long.

If you have followed these steps, Windows should make your desired modifications. Once the search index has been rebuilt by Windows 10, your excluded file types might still be displayed in your search results. The final result depends fully on the number of files which are stored on your personal computer.

Also, it is important to know whether you have SSD. Think carefully what file types you would like to get disabled. For example, some people have an enormous amount of music which is stored on their computers but they rarely use it or search for it. In such a case, it is recommended to exclude MP3 files and to get clutter reduced a lot.

These simple recommendations will help you to find anything within a moment. Once you have Windows 10 you should use its functions on its full. Customizing Windows 10 search will have your time and make the work much more efficient. As you can see, there is nothing difficult in modifying the parameters. Just think carefully what types of files you do not use on a daily basis and exclude them from your Windows 10 search results

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